Sexy Justin Bieber pics

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous artists in the world and he is also one of the most controversial ones.

Am not sure the number of people who love him, but it’s a fact that most people don’t like him at all.

His behavior since he rose to fame at the age of 16 has led to contempt from people across the globe.

It seems like he actually doesn’t give a damn what happens after he does anything stupid and he does these things a lot especially on camera.

How stupid can that be? After his hit song Baby that elevated him to the top artist that he is today, Justin Bieber was a humble guy, but since he became famous, he has been doing all the wrong things.

No one knows if he really cares about what he says or does, but one thing for sure is that the more he does these bad things, the more contempt he attracts from his fans and others all over the world.

It seems like the fans or the so-called “Beliebers” will someday have enough of him and dump him for his actions.

He might be doing all the wrong things an artist can do, but there is a right side of the artist even though people don’t usually look at that.

Let’s look at some of the things he has done on camera:

Justin Bieber smiling in his DUI mug shot

1. DUI and Smiling at His Mugshot

Justin was caught on a DUI and on top of it, he was driving at double the speed limit.

After he was arrested, Justin had the guts to smile at his mugshot. Seriously this is stupid behavior, but fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.

2. Urinating in a Mop Bucket

It’s pretty clear that Justin Bieber (#ad) doesn’t have much love for ordinary workers.

He has been disrespectful to flight attendants, his pilot and he also trashed the bathroom of a skydiving facility and even refused to tip the workers who overstayed to make him enjoy the experience.

It’s said he and his crew trashed the bathroom in front of the workers.

His worst, however, has to be the time that he urinated inside a mop bucket showing disrespect and disregard for the work done by the cleaners.

He clearly has no idea of what life is like for people who use those buckets.

Justin Bieber said fuck you Bill Clinton

3. Insulting Bill Clinton

Am not really sure why Justin hates the ex-commander in chief, but after urinating in the mop bucket, he went ahead on camera and said “fuck, Bill Clinton”.

It wasn’t such a big deal for Bill Clinton, but this is the kind of behavior building contempt for Justin from different people.

4. Assaulting a Journalist

Justin was coming out of a building while a journalist filming the event seemed to be on his way to the car.

Justin’s bodyguards told him to move away, and he did, but then Justin comes hard on the journalist before he enters the vehicle.

When the journalist says that is assault Justin springs out of the car calling him names and were it not for his bodyguards; he wanted to assault him again publicly.

Drunk Justin Bieber assaulted journalist

5. Hitting a Videographer with His Ferrari

Justin bought a white Ferrari once and when he was about to drive off, all the light from the cameras were blocking him, and he signalled them to move away.

Even before they do, Justin speeds hitting one of the guys and leaving him on the ground.

Justin Bieber caught swearing and spitting on fans

6. Spitting on His Fans

Some fans were gathering around a building below to try and glance at the celeb, but Justin thanked them by spitting on them.

Justin Bieber caught on cam smoking marijuana

7. Smoking Marijuana

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone because Justin has been caught on camera so many times smoking in public.

TMZ published photos of him smoking, what the website proposed was marijuana.

An underage Justin Bieber parties in LA bars

8. Breaking the Law Publicly

All the world knows and watched Bieber grow up since his hit song Bay when he was 16 years and he has been in the spotlight since then.

Being underage as he is, he had no fear of breaking the law and going to clubs in Chicago and posting photos of the experience.

Angry Justin Bieber shows middle finger to crazy fans

9. Showing the Middle Finger on the Camera

Justin isn’t a fan of cameras all the time or at least the paparazzi should know his bad days.

He has been caught on camera several times showing cameramen the middle finger.

One guy actually thanked him for that maybe for the likes he would get after posting the video.

Justin Biebers cracks a nasty racist joke

10. Making a Racist Joke

At the beginning of the video, one of his friends is heard telling Justin that he is ignorant and mean.

He is then seen asking his friends why black people are afraid of chainsaws.

He then mimics the sound of a chainsaw saying run n****r, n****r countless times.