Miley Cyrus masturbating on stage during a live performance.

Miley Cyrus is a phenomenal artist who is no stranger to the spotlight.

She has been in the limelight since her early teenage years where she started with a successful Disney show Hannah Montana.

She has however changed a lot,and she has made it clear that she is no longer the Hanna Montana,showgirl.

To most people, she is just a girl who has grown before their eyes but not in the best way. Miley is now famous for her onstage antics than her singing talent.

Sexy Miley Cyrus scantily dressed for MTV VMAs

Anytime Miley is on that stage, she is expected by countless people to do something shocking,and on this, she never disappoints.

What has driven her to fame might have been her talent,but up to now, it’s not clear that’s the only thing keeping her on that stage.

When she started her stage antics, many people wondered if she would follow the path followed by most of the former Disney child stars.

You don’t have to take our word for it,but we have compiled a list of the many times Miley has crossed the line on stage showing another side most people didn’t know.

Horny Miley Cyrus in leotard outfit live performance

1. Masturbating on Stage

Maybe Miley Cyrus is now all grown,and it’s clear she is no longer the Hannah Montana character,but this was truly extreme.

At the VMA awards in 2013, Miley Cyrus performed, and half of her performance was disgusting.

She was jumping around masturbating herself with a giant foam finger as well as her hand.

Most of the people at the awards were disgusted and shocked!

She dominated the stage with disgust and induced nausea to so many television viewers.

Miley Cyrus twerking Robin Thicke

2. Twerking on Stage

Miley might not be the one that invented twerking, but she is the one who popularized it.

She twerked on stage during the 2013 performance that had so many people shocked and others disgusted.

This, however, had consequences as she was kicked off an upcoming Vogue cover by magazine editor Anna Wintour.

When asked, the editor said she wasn’t impressed with what Miley did, and she decided to take the cover in a different direction which is a fashion thing of saying you are fired.

Horny Miley Cyrus bear dress live performance

3. Dancing “Naked” on Stage

During one of her VMA awards performance, Miley came on stage in a teddy bear outfit and was surrounded by huge teddy bears.

She stripped off the teddy bear outfit and revealed a flesh-colored bikini which gave the impression she was naked.

Horny Miley Cyrus gives blow job to a man in Bill Clinton mask.

4. The Bill Clinton’s Blow-Job

During the “Bangerz” music tour on the Party in the USA finale on the first show, Miley simulated a blowjob on a person wearing a Bill Clinton mask.

She dared to indicate oral sex yet she was just six years old when the Lewinsky scandal came out.

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke twerking MTV VMAs

5. Twerking on a Married Man

Miley Cyrus doesn’t recognize boundaries,or they don’t make any sense to her.

On stage during a VMA performance, she had the audacity to twerk,and as if that wasn’t already bad, she was twerking on Robin Thicke knowing all too well he is a married man.

His wife and family were probably present but seems like she didn’t care and as expected Robin’s wife, actress Paula Patton later filed for a divorce from Robin.

Miley Cyrus smokes a marijuana joint while accepting MTV European awards in 2013

6. Smoking a Joint on Stage

Her song video Wrecking Ball was nominated at the MTV’s European Music Awards in 2013,and she won.

While accepting the trophy, Miley pulled out what seemed to be a marijuana rolled cigarette, lit it and took a few puffs then bowed off stage.

Miley Cyrus does a striptease pole dance during a live performance.

7. Pole Dancing

The silent, innocent young girl who starred the Hannah Montanna show showed her side right from the start.

When she was 16, she pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards after winning 6 awards.

She won after all her peers chose her,but she acted older than her age and naughtier than most people thought she would do.

Sexy Miley Cyrus booty

8. Appearing Naked Throughout a Performance

Her 2013 hit “Wrecking Ball”literally did a lot of wrecking on stage.

During one of her performances, she seemed as if she was naked wearing a flesh-colored bikini all through the performance.

She was sitting on a wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer suggestively.

Horny Miley Cyrus eats a fan's panty

9. Stuffing a Thong in Her Mouth

At a Washington show, one of her fans threw her thong on stage while Cyrus was performing.

She picked it wrapped it around her neck and stuffed it in her mouth without a second thought!

Miley Cyrus twerks on the Liberty Bell

10. Grinding against the Liberty Belt

The Bangerz tour has shown the Bad Girl side on Miley Cyrus in a shocking way.

She twerked and grinded against the symbolic liberty bell. How else are the teenagers going to know about freedom?

Horny Miley Cyrus in blue swim suit live performance

11. Writhing and Touching Herself on Stage

It’s now evident that Miley likes touching herself in front of many people.

During the Bangerz tour, she wore a leotard outfit,and she writhed, rubbed and slapped her crotch on stage.

Fake booty Miley Cyrus twerking on Mexican flag

12. Twerking on a Flag

Enough of twerking already.

Miley Cyrus had one of her dancers spank her with the Mexican flag while she twerked.

Mexican lawmakers weren’t happy with that,and they slapped her with a 1200 dollar fine or be detained for 36 hours.

Naked Miley Cyrus butterfly outfit for live performance

13. Performed Dressed as a Almost Nude Butterfly

Cyrus performed at the Adult Swim upfronts party at Terminal 5 in New York dressed as a butterfly.

Well,a naked butterfly because she was barely covered.

Horny Miley Cyrus flashes booty to London audience in O2 arena

14. Passing out Blunts to the Audience

Typical Miley Cyrus dressed as a naked butterfly and also passed out blunts to the audience on the same performance.

Miley Cyrus smooches Katy Perry during a live performance.

15. The Katy Perry Kiss

She indeed doesn’t cease to amaze.

This happened at the Bangerz tour show at the Staples Center.

Miley Cyrus leaned and kissed Katy Perry,and later on, she said, “I kissed a girl,and I really liked it.”