Miley Cyrus topless

One of the longest and maybe strongest relationship in the celebrity world is between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus (#ad).

The couple has broken up more times than we can count. There are times the couple has gone silent on each other without letting the public know.

The many times they have broken up and the public has become aware of it seem like they are just stunts.

This is a love story that has come from far and still going strong up to now.

Their relationship has been marred by dramas, a lifetime of rumors, reunions, break ups and engagements among others.

Miley Cyrus with husband Liam Hemsworth

Their love for each other has been tested and it has proven to be stronger than most people thought.

When Miley is out twerking with older and married men Liam was somewhere else fraternizing with other women and he was unfortunately caught once.

He isn’t the only cheeky one in this relationship. Miley Cyrus has also cheated on him on different occasions.

Below are 12 times Miley Cyrus cheated on Liam:

Miley Cyrus twerking Robin Thicke

The Worldwide Twerk

Miley took it upon herself to twerk and throb against a married man. She did this on stage and not so many fans were pleased about it.

Considering that she was doing this with a married man and when she was dating Liam, this is straight cheating.

Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus

The Night Out with Bieber

Her fans and ‘Beleibers’ as well didn’t believe it when these two went out together.

Fans were freaked out and assumed they were dating.

Maybe they were dating having briefly take some time apart with Liam who apparently was meant to be her one.

Avan Jogia fucked Miley Cyrus on her birthday

Making Out with Avan Jogia

Miley is just like a wrecking ball when it comes to acting up. During her birthday party in November 2010, she was seen making out with Avan.

She was photographed receiving a kiss from him as she leaned against a counter. Maybe she was wasted or something.

Liam Hemworth's pal Kellan Luts fucked Miley Cyrus

She Hooked Up with Liam’s Friend

Maybe she wanted to get back at him and she might have achieved it.

when they took some time apart with Liam, she went on and hooked up with Kellan Lutz one of Liam’s friends.

She also told US Weekly she doesn’t mind that he is Liam’s pal.

miley cyrus with jared leto

The Fling with Jared Leto

Though the two at that time weren’t looking for anything serious, fans know all too well what happened.

She was seen with Jared a couple of times and they seemed to enjoy something mutual. Guess what…. nudity.

Mike Will enjoyed Miley Cyrus for months

Mike Will Had a Shot at It Too

In June 2914, she was dating Mike Will Made-It and she even went to the extent of introducing him to her parents.

Her mother was quoted saying she liked him and considered him as a part of the family.

Miley Cyrus pleaded with Patrick Schwarzenegger to take her back

The Body Shots Guy Patrick Schwarzenegger

He first saw her in 2011 and she caught his eye.

The two later met three years later and started dating.

At this time, Liam was working hard to get back with Miley but she was away in cloud nine to even remember.

Pan sexual Miley Cyrus had lesbian sex with Stella Maxwell

The Stella Maxwell Kiss

Miley is the crazy one who doesn’t seem to worry about what other people say or think about her.

She had announced she would try and get back with Liam and they were both making efforts.

She however couldn’t wait apparently. She was seen kissing Stella Maxwell and remember she is a girl.

Isn’t That Kind of Freaky?

Miley Cyrus bikini pics

Break up, A Swirl in Paradise

After Miley was seen with a ring in public, she first took her time before coming out clean.

She however came out clean when she was spotted without the ring.

miley cyrus topless pics

The Nude Photo Shoot

At this time, they hadn’t even called it quits for the second time with Liam.

Miley went to an unofficial photo shoot and several shots of her nude body were taken.

Liam was so mad but he later let it go.

Miley Cyrus looks in Hannah Montana

The Patrick Schwarzenegger Reconciliation

Miley didn’t care that he had cheated on the love of her life with Patrick before.

She tried to reconcile with him in 2015 after they resumed with Liam but it didn’t happen and they split up for good. He was a cheat too.

Ed Westwick fucked Miley Cyrus for months

Ed Westwick was in Too

Maybe being in a relationship with Miley is such a thrill. Even Ed Westwick was in the quagmire too.

she however was bitter about it and she chopped off her hair and started wearing weird clothes.

Only Liam Hemsworth can attest to what it has been dating Miley but the fans have an idea too.

she however seems like she was the chosen one for him after they tied the knot in late December 2018.