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When talking about Madonna, it’s hard to finish the conversation without thinking of some of the sexiest things she has ever done.

The artist who is about to turn 60 on 16th August is going to be ushering her 34th year in music the same month.

She is one of the most popular or famous people in the world today.

She is also known as the Material Girl,and there are things about her life and career most people don’t have an idea of.

Today,however, we deal with the sexy things that she only does and how fitting they are to her.

1. Dating Tupac Shakur

This had to be on the top spot of the list. Not many girls are known to have dated the legendary hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur.

Madonna confirmed in 2015 that the rumour her die-hard fans heard was true.

In an interview with Howard Stern, she mentioned of her one-time relationship with Tupac. They briefly dated and they also recorded a song together.

2. Keeping Fit Despite Her Age

No one can really point out what she does to maintain her body shape and look that young even though she is almost sixty years old now.

Looking at her, she looks like a lady in her early 30s and compared with her age; this is indeed a sexy achievement.

3. Having an Incredible A**

Forget the Kardashians full body theatrics and erase the fake a** from your mind, but the truth is… Madonna has an incredible back.

For those who attended the Grammys and other events where she has performed, this is a fact that can’t be argued.

4. Carrying Worn Knickers to a Talk Show

In 1994, she came clutching a pair of her own knickers when she made an appearance on the Letterman.

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5. Handing Over Knickers to a Talk Show Host

This might have been the reason why she came to the show holding the knickers,but she ambushed Letterman who was unprepared for it and asked him to smell the knickers.

Who does that on live TV apart from Madonna of course.

6. Using Princess Diana to Promote an Album

This is more shocking than sexy.

She used the late Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe covered in black string. People were furious,but she explained her situation later on.

7. Taking Her Boyfriend to the Oscars

This is so sexy most people are jealous of her.

She took her boyfriend to the Oscars where her main intention was to keep people talking according to some people. She won an award here,and she brought him to stage. Take a guess who this guy was…

8. Dating Michael Jackson

This might come as a shock to many people,butit’s true.

If you wondered who the boyfriend she took to the Oscars was, well then your guess might be wrong or right.

It was Michael Jackson the King of Pop. Though their relationship didn’t last long, these two pop icons once dated.

9. Doing Topless Photoshoots

This might not be so unique to her because other ladies do it but the unique thing about it is Madonna.

Simple. At that age, it’s hard to get a model who can pose for a photo topless for a magazine. It’s reserved for younger models but Madonna pulled it off.

10. Showing Off Her Incredible Hips at 50

Her tenth studio album Confessions On a Dancefloor which sold over ten million copies was the first video released featuring her in a tight leotard which showed off her flexibility and juicy hips at the age of 50.

11. Rocking in Grills

This is sexy for Madonna to pull off. Being the queen of the fashion pack, Madonna rocked with grills.

At that time grills were fashionable for some reason. She said she does it purely to shock and well that was the world’s reaction.

12. Deep-Throating a Bottle!

Well, this had to be the luckiest bottle ever. Her friends and crew mates dared her,and she did it anyway.

The bottle had such a treat.

13. Having a Little Too Much Fun on Stage

On the Blonde Ambition Tour 1990, her act on stage was highly sexed and graphic that even the police started investigating her for public indecency.

She is seen on stage writhing around on the bed and simulating masturbation on the Like a Virgin rendition. She surely knows how to put a stage show.

14. Kissing on Stage with Britney

So far, this has been one sexy, unique moment reserved for the queen of sexiness herself Madonna and Britney Spears.

They shared a kiss at the 2003 Video Music Awards on stage,and this went down as the most memorable awards moments.

Madonna also kissed Drake during the 2015 Coachella music festival,many fans were outraged since, not only was Drake was half of Madonna’s age but, it was during a Live Performance of Drake’s.

15. Sex the Book

The title of the book was straight to the point and fans thought she had taken this a bit too far.

In the book, she is pictured doing some sexy fantasy genre moves.

The book received numerous negative reviews as it included some simulations like analingus which most people thought it was a step too far even for her.