Band members of Ace of Base

Back in the 90s Ace of Base (#ad) was the most popular Dance Pop band in the world, producing hit songs one after another, just like the push of a button.

Yet, the band had so many controversies surrounding them all the time.

The band consisted of Ulf Ekberg and three other siblings, namely, Malin “Linn” Berggren, Jonas Berggren and Jenny Berggren.

Some of their most famous songs include “Don’t Turn Around”, “All That She Wants” and “The Sign” and these songs took over the airwaves, quickly turning the band to a worldwide phenomenon.

Their album The Sign (#ad) was certified platinum in the US after it sold more than 9 million copies.

Ulf Ekberg and three siblings Malin “Linn” Berggren, Jonas Berggren and Jenny Berggren make Ace of Base.

The band took a brief break in 2003 but reunited later through their music continued to thrive.

Though the band members have come and gone, replacing old ones with new members, they are still a hit in the world of music.

Ace of Base was unlike any other European band, because of the chequered history of it’s founding members.

They were not such a private band, but there are hidden gems about the band that people still don’t know.

Prominent Ace of Base band members are former Nazis

1. A Bunch of Nazis?

This band almost turned 9 million Americans into Nazis. This was revealed after they did a song that had Nazis chanting.

The secret was revealed by Ben Shapiro who was their music editor. The founder Ulf Ekberg was at the core of it.

2. Commit Suiside

That isn’t a spelling mistake.

Ulf Ekberg was part of a group of Nazis who called themselves “Commit suiside” .

The group was famous for killing immigrants by cutting their heads.

If you take a look at the lyrics leaked by their music editor, it says it all.

Ulf Ekberg Ace of Base nazi pics

3. Ulf Erased His Neo-Nazi Movement using Ace of Base

According to a source at Vice, Ulf was actively involved in a neo-Nazi group that used to butcher immigrants.

The source claims that Ulf used the band’s success and fame to wipe his slate clean and erase his connections to the neo-Nazi group.

4. A Nazi Band?

It is rumored that Ulf the founder, did not use the band to get rid of his Nazi connection, but rather to justify his dark past.

According to some sources, Ace of Base was a neo-Nazi band as a whole, and all the members were indeed secret Nazis.

Ace of Bace band name inspired by WW2 nazi boat

5. The Name ‘Ace of Base’

To further cement the Nazi rumors, the name was considered to be connected to Nazis.

Base in their name was supposed to be Bass, but they thought it would be too obvious.

Bass was a vast U-boat launching and docking facility that was constructed by the Nazis.

6. Ulf was a Drug Addict

As a teenager, Ulf Ekberg the founder of this band was in a group affiliated to the Nazis.

He struggled with alcohol and substance abuse at the time and he had to be checked in rehab to seek professional help.

Ace of Base greatest hits is on apple music and amazon prime

7. Singers in a Local Church Choir

Before Ulf decided to form a band, the two sisters in the band were not new to music.

They were singing in local church choirs in their hometown Gothenburg Sweden.

Jonas, their brother, on the other hand, was writing songs with Ulf at the time.

8. The One Beer Toast

Apparently when Ace of Base hit the number one spot in the US Billboard charts, the band members were unaware of it, as they were doing a concert in South America.

The band members were sleeping behind the stage, after an exhausting concert, when Ulf received the call, he immediately woke up everyone and shared the news.

They had only one beer, they toasted to the beer and went back to sleep.

No overboard celebrations.

Most touring band of the 90s, Ace of Base

9. Most Touring Band of All Time

Ace of Base was traveling the world so much, that they almost missed the “being famous” moment in their life.

They were traveling so much they almost didn’t know they were famous. Success was taking a toll on them.

Malin of Ace of Base is very beautiful.

10. Fame Freaked Malin Out

Malin was the sister to Jonas and Jenny, but she left the group shell shocked, when she quit the band.

She never thought fame would be that much for her. She had to leave the band as she couldn’t handle the sudden rise to stardom.

In an interview, Ulf revealed that if they were to come back together, Malin wouldn’t.

Ace of Base was broken by band member, Jenny

11. The Band Ruined Jenny’s Solo Career

Jenny left the band to pursue a solo career in 2009, but things never went as she had planned.

She was forced to cancel a 1200 seat charity event in her hometown. The show flopped after she sold 12 tickets only!

All That She Wants was sung by Marlin and Jenny of Ace of Base

12. Meaningless Song

“All That She Wants is Another Baby” is one of their most popular songs and is their biggest hit after “Don’t Turn Around”

However, the meaning of the song is not known till this day.

Inspite of numerous interviews, the band members refuse to divulge the secret and the rumor has it, the song is linked to the personal life of a female member of the band.

13. Music at a Tender Age

Ulf started composing music at the age of 12, but as he grew older, he began a dangerous phase of life.

He became involved in violence and gangs which would see him checked in rehab to correct his life.

Polar Records, Sweden rejected Ace of Base

14. Rejected by ABBA’s Record Label

Ace of Base has had its ups and downs in the music industry; they recorded a demo with some of their top hit songs  to ABBA’s record label in Stockholm, Polar Records and they got rejected.

Some of the songs would end up becoming massive hits after the rejection.

15. Philanthropic Lot

The group members were a charitable lot, even if some of the individual members were not.

Every summer, they would take a break from the band’s work and music, so that Jenny could work at a volunteer job she did helping disabled children.