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Pink was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979.

She is an American singer, actress, songwriter and dancer.

Her potential and incredible talent were noted by LaFace Records when she was a member of the girl group Choice in 1995, and they offered her a solo recording contract.

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From there, her career rocketed.

Her first studio album Can’t Take Me Home released in 200 was certified double platinum in the US,and it had two Billboard Hot 100 top ten songs.

She is originally a pop singer,but her first album was R&B influenced, and most people connect this with it’s success.

Some of her career accolades include 3 Grammys, a Brit Award, seven MTV Music Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award,and many others.

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The most significant one was the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and she was also the most played female artist in the UK during the millennium decade.

Pink might be all public,and her life is a focus of paparazzi’s,but she certainly has a lot to hide.

Here are some of the dark secrets Pink doesn’t want us knowing:

1. Doesn’t Care About Fans Opinion

Sometimes being a celeb requires you to do things that won’t upset some of your fans but that isn’t Pink.

She stands for so many things that her fans don’t want to be associated with them, but it seems like she doesn’t care. Love her or not.

Pink hit the concrete after her harness broke, luckily she survived

2. Canceled a Tour to go on Holiday

Imagine all the stress and hassle when planning a tour,and out of the blue, an artist cancels the tour.

Well, she canceled a tour and then later spotted on the beach enjoying herself and the family.

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3. Troubled Childhood

Pink was born as a healthy baby,but she developed asthma quickly after birth.

The disease plagued her for most of her early childhood years. She, however, made it through and was cured.

4. Marital Problems

Pink underwent a lot of stress in her early years.

Despite being plagued by asthma when she was a toddler, her parents also started having marital problems,and they later divorced when she was 10.

Pink was addicted to party drugs like ecstasy

5. Overdosed Several Times

As a teenager, Pink overindulged in partying and drinking.

The party lifestyle almost ruined her life when she nearly overdosed when she was 15 years old.

6. Petty Crime

She didn’t have a job to sustain her partying lifestyle and drugs habit.

For this, she turned into petty crimes to try and sustain her life.

7. She Said ‘No’

Not so many ladies get the chance to reject a man’s marriage proposal.

Pink’s first boyfriend was smart and decided to propose to her on April fool’s day.

She said no! that however had no unmanageable impact as he said it was an April Fools prank.

Pink married professional racer Harey Cart

8. Is She The Man In Her Relationship?

Remember Pink was proposed to and said no on April Fools Day but with her current husband, she decided not to wait anymore and took matters into her own hands.

She proposed to Carey Hart,and after six months, the two wedded in Costa Rica.

9. Sexless Marriage

Pink went for more than one year without sex in her marriage,and she even started doubting if Carey Hart was the one she was destined to be with.

She, however, spoke about it,and the marriage pulled through despite all the doubts.

Pink considers herself masculine than feminine

10. Tomboy Family

Take a good look at Pink,and you realize how she looks like a guy.

She is a tomboy,and apparently, her daughter is a tomboy too.

Willow, her daughter, said she looked like a boy with long hair.

Pinks daughter is genderless

11. Her Daughter is Genderless

Not sure what this means but Pink refers to her whole household as genderless.

She once told her mother she knows she is the ugliest girl in school and Pink was devastated.

Pinks father is her bodyguard

12. Over Protective Father

Her dad a Vietnam war veteran doesn’t like security guards or anyone else messing up with his daughter.

He got kicked out of the American Music Awards after he got into a fight with a security guard and almost beat up another one at her album release.

Pink was topless in most parties in 2000s

13. Partying Topless

Pink holds her head up high in the society and can’t stand bullies.

She showed up at a party topless wearing only body paint from the waist up.

14. Gross Lips Lock

At Christina Aguillera’s party, she showed up to the party topless and later kissed her mouth to mouth as she left.

Not sure it was gross to either.

15. She Had a Miscarriage

This is one of the most painful things you can go through as an aspiring mother.

Before she had Willow, she had a miscarriage,and it took a toll on her,but she is always strong and survived.