Sexy Rihanna in night dress

One of the sexiest female artists in the world today is Rihanna (#ad).

She is a Caribbean pop-culture sensation whose musical achievements have surpassed some of the best-known entertainers in the world.

Born in Barbados, she has been appointed as a peace ambassador for the country after her numerous achievements but most importantly due to her charitable acts.

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Her life hasn’t been a fairy tale, as she has come from far and gone through some challenging and tough times in her life.

She is now on the top of the music industry’s list as well as the philanthropic front.

Rihanna is also one of the most down to earth personalities in the world today and she rarely sparks beef with anyone (apart from Chris Brown).

With all that said and done, controversy shadows every step of her life, she lives in the spotlight and she rarely does anything without the attention of the media or cameras hovering.

Topless Rihanna in red bikini

As lovely as she is, she had to keep some secrets with all the things she has gone through until now.

Let’s take a look at some of her dark secrets.

Rihanna loves smoking marijuana and cocaine

1. Staunch Marijuana Smoker

Rihanna is one of the female artists today who are staunch marijuana smokers.

She might not smoke in public,but she confesses her love for a joint in public.

She was actively involved in the campaign for the legalization of the herb as they call it.

Rihannas whole family addicted to drugs and alcohol except her mother

2. Drug Addict Father

Rihanna didn’t come from a stable background. As a matter of fact, her family wasn’t that straight.

Her father was addicted to cocaine, alcohol,and marijuana and this tortured her psychologically. She would cry begging him to stop it!

5th Harmonys Work From Home is similar to Rihannas Work

3. Never Finished High School

She hated school and that’s one thing she confesses to date.

She dropped out of high school and never gave it a second thought.

It all paid up anyway since she has a plethora of awards and is living the life she always wanted.

Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio dated for a while

4. Leonardo DiCaprio Had a Fling with Her

Though the two still insist they are good friends and they will remain that way, Leonardo and Rihanna had a fling.

To stamp this, a photo was taken by paparazzi where she was kissing Leonardo.

Topless pics of Rihanna

At one time, Rihanna travelled to her hometown for a family event, and Leonardo just happened to be around there, and she took him to the event.

Too much coincidence.

Rihanna drinks before live performance to avoid nervous breakdown

5. Nervous Breakdown

Despite being so famous, Rihanna gets so nervous before she goes on stage.

To calm her nerves, she takes one shot of her favorite liquor backstage before performing.

She prefers dark liquor but sometimes switches to vodka.

Rihannas entire family is addicted to dope except her mother

6. Violent Family

Siblings do fight, but sometimes things get out of hand.

Her family would physically fight ,since Rihanna was the oldest, she was a master at it.

She once hit her brother with a bottle on his face and her mother was enraged.

Rihanna was a witness to exorcism during her childhood.

7. Witnessed Exorcism

This is the attempted expulsion of evil spirits from a person.

When she was young, Rihanna used to go to church and in the middle of the ceremony someone would start screaming and would be prayed for.

The closest encounter was when she was in her house, while praying, one girl started screaming and spinning.

She was terrified, but her mother locked her together with other children in her bedroom.

Rihannas love with Drake ended because of Chris Brown

8. Passionate with Drake

Rihanna never talks about it, but she was more than just friends with Drake.

She, however, left him, after Drake and Chris Brown quarrelled over Rihanna.

Drake has since confessed getting passionate with the singer.

Rihannas legs are the sexiest

9. Insured Legs

Believe it or not, Rihanna has her legs insured for a whopping $1 million!

Chris Brown trashed Rihanna because of cheating allegations

10. Severely Brutalized

They say love is blind, but it almost made Rihanna blind.

This is after her then-boyfriend Chris Brown got violent on her and she had to report it.

She was severely brutalized according to a pictured leaked from the station where she reported the incident.

Rihanna wanted to be a psychologist when she grew up.

11. Aspiring Psychologist

If Rihanna wasn’t a singer and she didn’t drop out of school, she would have wanted to study psychology, but she loves what she is doing now.

Thank God she dropped out!

Rihannas sexy curved body

12. She Hates a Perfect Life

One of the things that bothers Rihanna the most is when her life is perfect. She doesn’t like a perfect life or smooth sailing.

It is at this time that life isn’t perfect at all.

She instead loves challenges.

Rihanna banned umbrellas in concerts for audience safety.

13. She Banned Umbrellas in Her UK Concert

When performing in the UK, she had to prohibit fans from bringing umbrellas.

She was afraid they would hurt each other trying to replicate the moves she does in the video.

Sexy Rihanna bikini pics

14. Claustrophobic Career

During the beginning of her career, Rihanna felt claustrophobic.

She wasn’t allowed to wear too revealing clothes or red lipstick.

Rihanna sexy eyes

15. Sneaks Up on People

One thing that Rihanna enjoys is pranking people.

Before her shows, she sneaks into the audience and takes selfies sometimes or to just scare the shit out of people.