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Shawn Mendes (#ad) is one of those lucky artists who became a teen sensation overnight, all thanks to the internet.

He is both vocally and musically talented and it didn’t take long for people to like him.

The Canadian superstar made it so big, that it is tipped he might become a bigger superstar than the likes of Justin Bieber.

Apart from having a great physique and working with so many charities in the world to make it a better place, he also has a flawless voice that sweeps many girls (and boys) by the feet.

Shawn is one of the most down to earth artists for his age.

Not sure where he gets this from, but when other artists of his age reach the level of stardom he has reached, it kind of gets in their heads and pride kicks in.

As much as people love him and those who hate him aren’t known so far, he is a celebrity and his life has been made public too.

Not a lot he can do without the knowledge of the public but he is good at hiding it.

Let’s take a look at some of the dark secrets Shawn has to hide:

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Scared of Fame

Despite being so famous, Shawn is one of the celebrities who is scared of being famous.

He is afraid that it can all go away in one day.

He is famous and living the dream but he thinks all the fame can go away making it hard for him to be proud.

Shawn Mendes bruised his face from a soccer game

He is a Tortured Soul

One person who can tell you this in the best way is his father.

Shawn’s father pity’s him because he is a tortured soul who thinks he doesn’t deserve all that he has achieved despite the hard work and sweat he puts in his work.

He is never pleased and his father thinks that’s a problem.

Shawn Mendes scared of drug addiction

Scared of Drugs

Mendes says he is a control freak and likes staying in control of his life.

Drugs, the party lifestyle and shit scares him.

He thinks it’s not worth it if he is not totally in control.

Instead of drugs and the partying, Shawn lets his music come first.

Shawn Mendes writes everyday account in a dairy

The Secret Journal

Shawn has a secret journal that he writes all the truths about his life on.

The journal was so secret and only him and his mother knew about it.

He however thinks his mother leaked the details of the secret journal revealing it to the media.

Shawn Mendes scared of deep water swimming

Deep Water Scare

Shawn loves swimming and he can do it any time of the day or night.

However, the hobby has limits.

He is super scared of deep water and can’t swim in the deep water section of the swimming pool.

Shawn Mendes live performance

One Language

Maybe it’s because of his young age or it’s because it’s his native language, but he can only speak English fluently.

Most of the artists know and understand another language.

Shawn Mendes has lost his wallet and mobile many times.

Clumsy and Forgetful

Maybe he is not attached to his belongings but seems like he is clumsy too.

He has lost his wallet more than ten times and broken his phone screen more than five times.

Shawn Mendes hates tomatoe

Hates Tomatoes

If you want Shawn to make a long face, give him a tomato bite.

He thinks tomatoes are disgusting and advises people not to eat them too.

Shawn Mendes loves his stuffed lion leo

The Secret Animal

For as long as part of his crew can remember, Shawn has been carrying around a stuffed animal.

The stuffed lion is named Leo and doesn’t leave his side.

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Weird Coincidence

Being verified on Twitter is a big thing and getting signed by a record label is a big deal for an artist.

Imagine having these two done on the same day? Well, Shawn was verified same day he signed to Island Records.

Shawn Mendes is allergic to dogs

Allergic to Dogs

Most artists and celebrities have pets but as much as he would love to own a dog, Shawn can’t.

He is allergic to dogs.

Is Shawn Mendes depressed

No Pets

He is allergic to dogs but doesn’t mean he can’t get a cat.

He had one but she died in 2015 and Shawn was devastated.

Shawn Mendes acting funny

Odd Job

Before he made it big, Shawn used to work at a bath and body workshop somewhere in Pickering.

Cute smile of Shawn Mendes

Dropped Out of High School

As much as he would have loved to stay and finish high school, his talent was so huge he couldn’t keep up with travelling, shows and school.

He had to drop out though he wants to live his life like a normal teenager.

But don’t get it confused, he graduated online and has a high school diploma.

Is Shawn Mendes a cry baby

The Battle with Anxiety

Shawn has been facing torment in his life and that is battling with anxiety.

He has however started seeing a therapist to help battle it.