15 Disturbing Facts On Sam Smith

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Over the course of years, Sam Smith (#ad) has become one of the most popular pop musicians in the British music industry, and he is only 26 years old.

He might be young, but he is also business savvy.

He doesn’t have such a private life, most of his life is spent in the spotlight and is well documented.

He lives under the scrutiny of the public eye, but there are still things he does, that people don’t know.

Let us take a look at some of the most disturbing facts on the “Writings On the Wall” singer.

1. He is Gay

This isn’t news to so many people, but it kills a lot of ladies inside.

Sam is young and exploring life, but he doesn’t shut up about his homosexuality.

Why did such a young and cute guy decide to be gay?

He once said he was straight in an interview then laughed it off saying it was just a joke.

2. He Used to be a Janitor

Well, this wasn’t a job he did officially, but am just trying to get a good name for what he used to do.

Before he became famous, Sam used to wash and scrub toilets for a living.

He reminds himself of this journey to fame, so that he doesn’t take anything for granted.

3. Thoughts of Marriage Confuse Him

He is gay and doesn’t hide it, but the reason for not wanting to get married doesn’t have anything to do with that.

He says it came after his mother and father split up and he changes his mind about getting married every week.

4. He Was Once a Bartender

Evidently, the journey to fame hasn’t been an easy one for Sam Smith.

From scrubbing and cleaning toilets to being behind the bar.

People, however, treated him and other bartenders like shit according to him and they had no time for him.

He was however always respectful.

5. He Freaks Out When You Stare at Him

Sam Smith is one self-conscious person.

This is a disturbing fact for him, especially for an artist of his calibre.

He is supposed to perform in front of people who are staring at him, it freaks him out.

He should have gotten used to this already!

He, however, admits to freaking out whenever anyone stares at him feeling really awkward.

6. He Likes Baths

Sam Smith loves taking showers and this comforts him.

He says no matter what happens in his life whether he is happy, sad, bored or lonely, the thought of having a bath lifts him up all the time.

7. He Can’t Go to Russia, and it Makes Him Sad

As an international artist, you would expect him to jump to an opportunity to perform in a super power like Russia.

Well, Sam doesn’t like it at all and no matter how much money you would offer him, he would never go to Russia.

According to him, what they do to gay people is disgusting.

8. He Has OCD

Sam struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and he openly talks about it.

In an interview, Sam said his OCD is serious and he has to be conscious about it all the time especially when leaving the house;

He has to “check taps” for his flooding concerns.

9. Hates Karaoke

Not sure there is another artist who hates karaoke but Sam is one of them.

He says he cannot stand it and if karaoke starts wherever he is, he just runs out of the room.

Thought he like singing?! Not sure it’s a good or a bad thing for an artist of his calibre.

10. He is a Feminist

This might be shocking to some, but to others, it’s just visible.

He was raised by a powerful city banker, his mother and his stay at home dad.

He says he was constantly surrounded by females (but his dad was there?!) which shaped his outlook.

His musical icons and idols are females too.

11. He Got His Mother Fired at Her Job

His mother had a high paying job at a major bank in the UK, but they let her go because of him.

She was apparently spending too much time concentrating on her son’s singing career, and they just had to let her go.

12. Double Jointed

Remember the time Sam Smith won four Grammys?

He was able to hold them all in his hands!

These awards are huge, but he did it anyway! Well, this might be the reason.

He has double jointed index fingers!

13. He Believes in Ghosts

Not sure why he would think ghosts are real, but he does.

He told Us Weekly that he thinks ghosts are real and it terrifies him.

14. He Can’t Take Care of Pets

Sam once bought a French bulldog for $300,but it freaked him out and had to give it back.

He realised that he couldn’t handle it and it was the most generous thing he ever did that backfired.

15. He is Spiritual

Not sure why he thinks being gay fits in the spiritual world, but he does.

Sam says he believes in God, but he doesn’t know what it is.

All he knows is that he feels there’s something else in the universe.