Eddie the Iron Maiden mascot might frighten your kids

Iron Maiden is a band that baffles a lot of people starting with their music, symbols and many other things.

All the things they do on and off-stage are not the best thing a band can do.

They have great music,and their fans love them,but some people think the band is weird.

The band gives heavy metal another definition and has been doing so for the past decades.

They have over 16 studio albums, 12 live albums,and seven compilation albums.

They are the British metal gods as they have delivered hot scorching metal riff and an endless list of metal classics.

The band has a sprawling career,but there are frightening things about Iron Maiden you probably need to know:

Scary facts on Iron Maiden

1. Satanic Rituals

Almost everyone who listens to the band’s heavy metal is aware of their symbols.

The most apparent thing is in their lyrics. In almost every song they do, there is a line or two or a whole song praising the devil and chanting occult practices.

Some people even believe some of their performances are rituals dedicated to pleasing the devil.

Hot body of Iron Maiden members 80s pic

2. Drinking Blood

In their song video “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter”, the band is seen slaughtering people and drinking their blood? Who else does this if they are not satanic?

This is frightening,and even the music cover of the song is a skeleton holding a blood dripping axe!

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3. Number of the Beast

This is probably one of the most visible and shocking things about the band.

Everyone in the world knows about a number of the beast 666.

The band has done a song on the same,and it became one of their best-selling albums of all time! Coincidence?

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden was a rebellious kid

4. Bruce Dickinson Peed on Head Master’s Food

When he was young, Bruce Dickinson was expelled from boarding school. He was wandering over,and he decided to take a pee at the headmaster’s dinner!

Iron Maiden were honored with an MBE by the Queen of England

5. They Converted a Priest

The band is well known and accused of Satanism all over the world.

It’s one of the band which does music concerning the devil and performs while doing all the wrong satanic symbols.

Despite all this, the band has managed to win over the heart of a Brazilian priest Marcos Motolo,and he describes himself as their number one fan in the whole world.

Scary Iron Maiden album cover.

6. Satanic Coincidences?

While producing Number of the Beast one of their most infamous albums, the band’s producer at the time got into a car accident. He received a repair bill of £666.

Steve Harris Iron Maiden bassist loves to break guitar during live performance

7. Breaking Music Instruments on Stage

If this isn’t hype, then it’s frightening.

The band has been known to get so much into their music and start smashing their instruments including guitars and drums.

Iron Maiden owns a boeing 777 used exclusively for worldwide touring

8. They Have a Time Machine

When going on tours, the band travels like no other artist or band.

They charter a whole fleet of buses in their own branded airplane.

It’s a Boeing, but it has no imprints of this inside or outside. Dickinson says it’s their own time machine.

Iron Maiden performed in Bosnia during a raging civil war

9. Held a Concert at the Peak of the Bosnian War

The band is one of the fearless bands of all time.

They were brave enough to hold a concert in Sarajevo despite the Bosnian War and mind you, Sarajevo was under siege at this time!

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10. Eddie Appears in the Iteration as a Decaying Dead Soldier

Eddie the head appears in iteration on every single Iron Maiden album cover.

In this particular one, he appeared as a dead soldier with a decaying head on top of a tank.

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden served as a Captain in Her Majestys Royal Air Force

11. Dickinson is a Commercial Pilot

This might sound unbelievable but it’s true.

Dickinson is a qualified and certified commercial pilot.

He is the one who flies the band with the Ed Force One while they are on tour and he wears a full captains uniform when flying the band.

Iron Maiden lyrics are scarier than most horror movies

12. Terrifying Lyrics

In all their songs, the lyrics are terrifying suggesting that the band belongs to a cult.

It’s shocking that all their songs are based on occult practices and Satanism.

Nicko McBrain the Iron Maiden drummer became a born again Christian after a calling

13. Dedicated Christians

Despite the band being accused of being satanic, it consists of well dedicated Christians like Nicko McBrain, the drummer who was born again after he accompanied his wife to church in 1999.

Most Iron Maiden stage sets have scary Eddie mascots or creatures with horns

14. Wearing Horn Costumes on Stage

This is one reason why the band will always be accused of Satanism.

Despite them being the best hard metal bands and having some of the best performances, they wear satanic costumes on stage.

Some of the band members even wear horns and drink blood on stage.

Lithuania banned scary Iron Maiden mascot Eddie

15. Frightening Posters Banned

Everyone who knows Iron Maiden knows they have some of the scariest album covers in the world.

They also publish creepy posters for all their tours, but this time around they went too far in Lithuania.

Some of their posters were banned by authorities in Lithuania for being too scary,and it might scare off children.