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Imagine being body-shamed by the media for 15 long years, being called ‘chunky monkey’, ‘carrot cake’, ‘muffin top’ or ‘puppy fat’ every other day in your life, but still, you are at peace with yourself, welcome to the world of Kelly Clarkson (#ad).

Born in 1982, Kelly had a horrible childhood with an abusive father, whom she called as someone ‘cancerous’ and non-existent in her life.

After rejecting two fully funded scholarships from premier music universities, and two highly lucrative record deals from major record labels , Kelly worked as a waitress in Texas, while rigorously practising and rehearsing for the debut edition of American Idol, 2002.

Despite a stellar carrier in television and music industry, ruthless mainstream media have time and again focussed on her appearance, thereby denting her confidence, driving her deep into depression, many a times.

Like a Pheonix from the ashes, Kelly Clarkson has revived her life and carrier on many a occasions, thanks to the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly Clarkson fat shaming

1. Loves Protein

Because of You” singer loves to eat fried chicken and steak, and she doesn’t hold back.

She has indeed confessed this herself on many a shows.

Kelly Clarkson slim

2. Miserable of Being Thin

Back in the early 2000s when Clarkson was thin, she said, she felt really miserable, but it wasn’t the reason for her weight gain.

She also denied any rumors of suicidal thoughts, related to her weight or lack of it.

Kelly Clarkson then and now

3. Lonely and No One Cared

When Kelly Clarkson was skinny, she almost felt like killing herself.

She was unhappy, depressed and lonely about her weight for more than four years, and no one cared.

No one seemed to notice it because she was healthy, according to her friends and relatives.

Kelly Clarkson too fat and too thin a comparison

4. Bad First Date

Underneath the Tree” (#ad) singer agreed to go out with a guy, who frequently visited a place she worked at and she eventually gave in.

On the date night, the narcissistic guy kept blabbering about his height, for such a long period of time, that got Kelly so fed up , she ghosted him on the pretext of going to the rest room.

Kelly Clarkson before and after gaining weight

5. Thyroid Problem

In 2006, Kelly discovered, she had a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease.

She read a book, and it worked amazingly for her. Not only did she lose some weight, but she stopped taking her medicines after that.

Her blood work came back as normal and the “Stronger” singer bid adieu to her medicines.

Kelly Clarkson slim and beautiful

6. She Never Went To College

Despite getting a full-ride scholarship from Berklee College of Music and University of Texas, Austin, Kelly never went to college, and after starting her singing career, she said goodbye to formal education, moving to Los Angeles where she sent her demo tape to every record label and agency.

Kelly Clarkson childhood

7. Poor Background

With a ‘cancerous’ husband and three children, Kelly’s mom, Jeanne Taylor, a first grade English teacher, struggled to feed her three children with a single income.

Kelly realized her talent when she was 13, when she was singing in the hallway at school and someone told her to join the choir.

She wanted to learn how to play an instrument, so she brushed off the offer.

However, she was too poor to by any instrument, so she ended up joining the choir.

Kelly Clarkson pregnant and normal a comparison

8. She Had a Breakdown Because of Milk

Not that she couldn’t afford it, but because she couldn’t get it in peace.

This is when the reality of fame hit her.

She went to get milk at a local store, and she couldn’t get it ,with shoppers mobbing her from all directions, she went home and started crying uncontrollably, freaking her brother out.

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9. She Thought She was Asexual

Before she met with her husband Brandon Blackstock, she thought she was asexual.

“Since U Been Gone” singer wasn’t sexually attracted to anyone, and it was a red flag to her mom. She loved going home alone and staying alone.

Whereas, her mom thought she was a lesbian, who was going to ‘çome out’ anytime

Kelly Clarkson eloped with Brandon Blackstock

10. They Eloped

After Brandon proposed in December, they began wedding plans but later on, they scarped them.

They scraped their big plans and did an intimate elopement on a farm located in Tennessee.

kelly clarkson over the years

11. Epic Marriage Fail

When you are married, you are expected to remember your anniversary and your partner’s important days.

With Kelly and Brandon, they both forgot their anniversary date twice, during a live interview.

Kelly Clarkson very cute and very fat

12. Worked in a Comedy Club

When Kelly was 18, she used to work in a comedy club at Fort Worth, Texas.

This is where she met with the guy, she went to the first date with and she left without telling him. She worked here as a cocktail waitress.

A pregnant Kelly Clarkson

13. Tough Pregnancy

When Kelly was pregnant with River Rose, things weren’t easy for her.

She was miserable, with night sweats and terrible cramps, not even her own mother could ease her out.

quotes of kelly clarkson

14. Music wasn’t Her First Passion

Have you ever heard of a person whose passion was crushed by a movie? Well, Kelly is one of those people.

She wanted to be a marine biologist right from the start. However, after she watched the movie Jaws, she gave up on it.

Kelly Clarkson very cute and obese

15. Firearm License

She always carries a purse, but you never know what is in it.

She has a license to carry a concealed gun. With all her bodyguards?!