Kelly Clarkson cute

If you don’t know Kelly Clarkson, then you are either not a fan of TV or lifestyle features.

She is the original winner of American Idol,and the show surrounded her with a lot of criticism.

This was the time her life dived into the public limelight,and since then, she has been an artist with loads of surprises.

She has since become a popular artist and gone to the extent of winning a Grammy.

Maybe the one thing that shocked most people is how she lost almost 30 pounds.

Some people always bashed her about her weight,and she made that one decision to do something about it and the results were seen by everyone.

Kelly has battled with the emotional stress that comes with being famous,but none of that has ever brought her down. Despite all the rumors, she is still standing strong together with her family.

Maybe stronger than ever. She might be living her life under the spotlight,but there are different things about the artist that she doesn’t want to be known:

Kelly Clarkson fat shaming

1. Mental Issues

Kelly Clarkson has had her own share of the world of fame, but some of it isn’t so good.

She once felt miserable because of her weight. Being famous requires maintaining a certain look and she was unhappy and devastated that she wasn’t thin.

Kelly Clarkson slim

2. Miserable Out of Her Own Weight

Back then when Clarkson was thin, she said she was miserable,but it wasn’t the reason for her weight.

According to her, she said this was a result of her weight,not the cause.

She also denied any rumors of suicide connected to her weight.

3. Lonely and No One Cared

When Kelly Clarkson was skinny, she almost felt like killing herself.

She was unhappy and lonely about her weight for more than four years,and no one cared.

No one seemed to notice it because she was healthy according to people.

4. Bad First Date

She agreed to go out with a guy that visited a place she worked in,and she eventually gave in.

She agreed to go out on a date with him,but she didn’t leave him on good terms.

The guy talked about his height for such a long time,and she went to the bathroom, left him and went back home.

Kelly Clarkson before and after gaining weight

5. Thyroid Problem

In 2006, Kelly discovered she had a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease.

She read a book,and it worked amazingly for her. Not only did she lose some weight but she stopped taking her medicine after that.

Her blood work came back,and she didn’t have to take any more medicine,and this was an added advantage for her.

6. She Never Went To College

This happens to so many artists, but Kelly didn’t want us knowing this.

She never went to college,and after starting her singing career, she decided not to go to college and instead, she moved to Los Angeles where she sent her demo tape to every record label and agency.

Kelly Clarkson childhood

7. Poor Background

Kelly realized her talent when she was 13 when she was singing in the hallway at school,and someone told her to join the choir.

She wanted to learn how to play an instrument,so she brushed off the offer.

However, she was too poor to by any instrument,so she ended up joining the choir.

8. She Had a Breakdown Because of Milk

Not that she couldn’t afford it but because she couldn’t get it in peace.

This is when the reality of fame hit her.

She went to get milk at the store,and she couldn’t get it without everyone talking to her,and she went home and started crying uncontrollably freaking her brother out.

9. She Thought She was Asexual

Before she met with her husband Brandon Blackstock, she thought she was asexual.

She wasn’t sexually attracted to anyone,and it was a red flag to her. She loved going home alone and staying alone.

Kelly Clarkson eloped with Brandon Blackstock

10. They Eloped

After Brandon proposed in December, they began wedding plans but later on, they scarped them.

They scraped their big plans and did an intimate elopement on a farm located in Tennessee.

11. Epic Marriage Fail

When you are married, you are expected to remember your anniversary and your partner’s important days.

With Kelly and Brandon, they both forgot their anniversary twice. The epic thing is they both forgot.

12. Worked in a Comedy Club

When Kelly was 18, she used to work in a comedy club.

This is where she met with the guy she went to the first date with and she left without telling him. She worked here as a cocktail waitress.

A pregnant Kelly Clarkson

13. Tough Pregnancy

When Kelly was pregnant with River Rose, things weren’t easy for her.

She was miserable and often very sick,and it scared her.

14. Music wasn’t Her First Passion

Have you ever heard of a person whose passion was crushed by a movie? Well, Kelly is one of those people.

She wanted to be a marine biologist right from the start. However, after she watched the movie Jaws, she gave up on it.

15. Firearm License

She always carries a purse,but you never know what is in it.

She has a license to carry a concealed gun. With all her bodyguards?!