Famous Musicians who committed suicide

The music industry in the world is one of the most popular and produces some of the best known celebrities.

It’s also one of the most affected by depression, drug addiction and other conditions which lead to suicide.

When hit by the news of suicide, it’s also the most shook industry with some of the very best artists putting an end to their lives.

As sad as it is, some of these artists don’t do it willingly while some drive themselves to the grave.

Here is a list of some of the best artists in the music industry who ended their lives indefinitely:

Hot looking Avicii


The news of his death took the world like a storm. Every artist, fan and even haters out there were shocked.

He was a talented Swedish DJ born as Tim Bergling.

He was found dead in his house. His family said he struggled with the meaning of life and happiness and the business machine he had found himself in.

Live performance of Chester Bennington Numb.

Chester Bennington

On July 20 2017, rock fans were hit by the news of the death of Chester Bennington.

He died by suicide in his LA home. Before that, he had been open about his issues with depression and troubled childhood and seems like it was the reason he took his own life.

Kurt Cobain shot himself on the face

Kurt Cobain

He was Nirvana’s front man and he killed himself in Seattle at his home.

He was addicted to heroin which he got hooked on after he used it to deal with chronic pain.

The severe addiction might be what drove him to suicide though he had previously been diagnosed with depression.

Chris Cornell

After a show in Detroit, Chris retreated to his hotel room on May 17, 2017.

His band had just finished a show that night and in the morning, he was found dead in the hotel room.

He was diagnosed with depression but his doctor was accused of over prescribing anti-anxiety meds to him.

Why did Elliot Smith commit suicide

Elliott Smith

The singer and songwriter died of severe chest wounds on October 21 2003 at the age of 34.

Speculations still exists as to what transpired but it was ruled as a suicide before he was buried.

He was suffering from drug dependence and depression.

Hidden reasons of Butch Trucks suicide

Butch Trucks

Known as one of the best drummers ever, he was part of the band the Allman Brothers.

He killed himself on January 27, 2017 and his death almost separated the band, but to honor him.. they remained intact.

It’s not known what got into him as he wasn’t an addict and was never diagnosed with depression.

Depression kills Donnie Hathaway

Donny Hathaway

He died by suicide at the age of 33 on January 13 1979.

He is described as a rare and unique musical talent and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression before his death which are rumored to be what drove him to suicide.

Elvis Presley was killed by an overdose, hidden autopsy report

Elvis Presley

Known as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis was an American singer and actor.

He was suffering from cancer and it brought him down according to many people.

However, secret autopsy reports hidden by his step mum show he died from an overdose.

Did Wendy Williams suffer from paronoia?

Wendy Williams

She was known as the most controversial and radical female artist of her years.

She had attempted suicide before when she drove a knife through her chest which jammed in her sternum and she changed her mind.

She tried again by overdoing and it failed.

She later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Nick Drake suffered from paranoia and depression?

Nicholas Drake

Nick Drake was once of the most reluctant artists to perform live or give an interview.

All the lyrics he wrote portrayed him as a disturbed man and one who suffered from depression.

He died of an overdose but it has never been resolved if it was an accident or suicide.

Did Johnny Ace play  Russian roulette on purpose?

Johnny Ace

He was one of the greatest American R n B singers of all time.

He was popular in the 50s and his death was more of an accident than a suicide.

He was playing Russian roulette with a 22 caliber revolver and he shot himself accidentally.

No one know why Ian Curtis committed suicide

Ian Curtis

He was part of the band Joy Division in 1979.

Curtis didn’t know he had epilepsy and after he formed the band, he suffered from it right after their debut release.

He later committed suicide and no one knows why as he was never diagnosed with any other condition.

Kim Jonghyun committed suicide because of fame?

Kim Jonghyun

One of the top South Korean artists Kim Jonghyun was on top of the world before his death.

He was the lead singer of K-Pop band SHINee and his passing brought a lot of pressure and attention to the performers in the country.

Bob Welch loved his wife so much, he committed suicide

Bob Welch

He was a guitarist for the band Fleetwood Mac and he died by suicide on June 7 2012.

He was diagnosed with health problems before that and he committed suicide in fear of the health problems.

Alcohol and drug overdose behind Michael Hutchence suicide

Michael Hutchence

He was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. His death was ruled as a suicide from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

He had suffered a traumatic brain injury which led him to change his behaviors before that.