Jay z is a satanist or an illuminati

Apart from being the richest rapper in the music industry, Jay Z  has been the most fortunate of them all.

Not only has he slept with a young Rihanna, Rita Ora, Rachael Roy and rapper Liv but he is probably the only person ever, to have Rihanna as a mistress and Beyonce as his wife.

Under privileged and unwanted at birth, Jay Z’s father abandoned him along with mother and three siblings at the tender age of 4.

Inspite of the abject poverty, his mama Gloria Carter gave him a good education but the sole purpose Jay Z went to high school was to sell drugs.

Shot thrice at school by rival gang members for selling drugs, Jay Z even shot his brother for stealing his trinkets.

Born on the 4th of December 1969,  as Shawn Corey Carter, Jay Z’s love for music will not only free him, from the clutches of poverty, but will also make him , one of America’s wealthiest and influential musicians of all time.

Gaining a fortune through the success of his debut album, Reasonable Doubt (1996), Jay Z invested the money in Roca Wear and 40/40 Club, a highly popular niche Sports bar chain.

His business ventures made him a billionaire, a decade later, in 2015, he purchased Tidal from a start up called Aspiro.

With 24 Grammys and 127 million albums sold, Jay Z married Beyonce on the 4th of April 2008, almost 10 years after dating her.

Jay Z never graduated from any college

Blessed with three kids, Blue Ivy Carter and twins Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, it is also believed that Jay Z has a love child with Shenelle Scott,  apart from getting Rihanna pregnant many a times with frequent abortions.

Given below are some of the shocking facts on Jay Z.

Jay Z and Beyonce young and beautiful

1. Most Powerful Couple in the World

Back in 2009, Jay Z and Beyoncé were announced as the most powerful couple in the world, as they had a combined wealth of $1.1 billion.

Inspite of all the partying, traveling in private jets, funding charities and political parties.

11 years later , their networth has only gone up inspite of Beyonce’s contracting musical career, simply because Beyonce earns millions of dollars as royalties, every single month.

As on July 2022, they had a combined networth of $1.3 billion (Jay Z $900 million + Beyonce $400 million), all thanks to Queen B, she made up for all the losses, Jay Z had incurred due to Covid-19.

Live performance of Jay Z

2. He has a Perfect Memory

With an IQ of 147, Jay Z is a man of immense intellectual abilities, as confessed by many of his teachers.

He never writes down any of his lyrics on paper.

Instead, he memorizes them and recites them when he goes to the studio. He sings from his mind all the time.

Jay Z openly displays illuminati symbol in most of his concerts

3. He was a Drug Dealer

Life was never a bed of roses for this street fighter, everyday was a life and death situation.

The streets not only taught him how to survive but also to thrive in his crack cocaine business.

He has brought this issue up in almost all his songs, thankfully he moved past that life now.

Jay Z smiling and happy

4. Super Dedicated and Focused

Jay was a drug dealer in his early life, and he desperately wanted to get out of the ghetto and never come back.

He focused on his career despite failing so many times and having no audience at all, but he never gave up.

Totally dedicated to his work, he met Beyonce in person, 18 months after he expressed his feelings for her, over the phone.

Jay Z lost his first child with Beyonce to miscarriage

5. Miscarriage

Before the couple had their first baby girl Blue Ivy, Jay rapped about having a miscarriage with Beyonce.

Queen B also talked about it in her documentary, but it’s a topic that she would rather forget than dwell on.

Jay Z gifts Beyonce an entire island for 35 million dollars

6. The Island Man

King Nebuchadnezzar II gifted his wife Queen Amytis, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Emperor Shah Jahan built The Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz, but no king or emperor ever, gifted his wife a whole exotic island.

On her 29th birthday, Jay-Z bought Beyoncé two private islands worth Rs 35 million as a birthday gift.

Located around Florida Keys, these islands are 13 acres of cultivated land, filled with coconut and palm trees, with a huge mansion located in the centre of the bigger island.

Jay Z was the first to bang the virgin Beyonce

7. Beyonce Lost Her Virginity to Jay Z

When Jay-Z and Beyoncé met, they took some time before they even went on their first date.

The first 18 months they spent talking on the phone.

After they got married, Beyoncé said Jay-Z was her first.

Fans are left to fill out for themselves that Jay-Z took her virginity. Such a lucky man.

Jay Z shot is older brother for stealing his ice.

8. Shot His Brother

Jay is a gangsta for real and the streets credit him for it. He was a dope dealer in the streets at a tender age.

He was 12 years old when he shot his older brother Eric on the shoulder.

Jay suspected his brother of stealing his ring, and he took someone’s gun and shot him in the shoulder.

Luckily for him, Eric never pressed charges.

Record Producer Lance “Un” Rivera was stabbed by Jay Z in 1999

9. Stabbed a Record Producer

Jay Z is not new to overreacting. In 2011, he pleaded guilty to stabbing a record producer Lance “Un” Rivera.

He said that the producer was involved in bootlegging his    unreleased album.

He had the right to be mad but stabbing? That’s too much.

Jay Z had a secret affair with Rita Oric for many years.

10. Cheated on his Wife

No singer or rapper ever comes close to Jay Z, when it comes to having sexual affairs with super star female singers.

Even before Beyonce lost her virginity to him, it was the barely legal Rihanna, who studiously took her lessons in love from this master musician.

Beyonce who was well aware of her better half’s late night flings and one night stands, decided to ignore it, for the sake of Blue Ivy.

And soon, that day came, when she couldn’t take it anymore, rather than making a mess out of it, she decided to make the most of it.

Queen B’s Lemonade was all about Jay Z and his chicanery.

Apart from creating the perfect documentary, she went on a world tour, informing the world, how lovely her husband has been, while she was sleeping.

Jay Z responded to Beyonce’s allegations in his 2017 album 4:44, and has indeed acknowledged his late night mistakes.

And oh! poor Rita Ora has been in the middle of all this.

Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with many women

11. Jay-Z Never wanted to be Famous

Jay Z revealed in an interview that he never wanted to be famous but only rich.

He just wanted to tell the world, the story of his life on the unforgiving Brooklyn streets.

A fiercely independent individual, he values the privacy and freedom of his family members, more than the dollar notes in his bank account.

Jay Z was a criminal drug dealer before he became a rapper.

12. Never Graduated from High School

Even though poverty was ravaging the family, Jay Z’s mom had high hopes on his son becoming an erudite scholar.

With an IQ of 147, Jay was one of the brightest in his class and was indeed admired by his teachers for his analytical and problem solving skills.

He attended three different high schools, but he never graduated from any.

Because he used to sell drugs at every school he studied, the competition wanted to eliminate him, he switches school but does the same time and again.

Jay Z, however, says he is always hungry for knowledge which is provided for by his business, family and music.

Jay Z 90s and now

13. He feels Lucky that he made it out of the streets of Brooklyn

Jay Z reveals that, were it not for his rapping talent and a bit of luck, he wouldn’t have made it out of the streets alive,and if he did, he would have gone to jail.

One of his personal friends one they would never part ways went to prison for 11 years, but Jay Z was away pursuing music at the time.

Jay Z has donated millions to Barrack Obama's presidential campaigns.

14. Close Friends with former US President Barrack Obama

According to close sources, Jay Z’s albums can be heard blaring in the Oval Office.

The former president is a fan of the rapper and he even imitated the rapper’s moves in his rallies.

The rapper, in turn, reworked a song as a diss track to Mitt Romney to help Obama with his re-election campaign.

Jay Z has forced Beyonce into satanism.

15. Illuminati Links

The rapper is heavily linked to Illuminati.

Numerous websites criticize his album covers, signs and some of the names, even the name of his first child Blue Ivy to the devil or Satanism.

Some also say he is the leader of the free masons in America or among the rappers.