Rapper Mac Miller kills self

Born with a silver spoon, Mac Miller was a naturally gifted musician, who had his own band and a fully furnished apartment by the age of 10.

A spoiled rich kid, who learned to smoke cigarettes at the 3rd grade and weed in the 5 grade, Mac was more attracted to guitars and pianos, than girls and sex.

A typical Jewish kid, who had is Bar Mitzvah at 13, Mac produced mix tapes at the age of 15, often performing in sold out auditoriums, under his band name ‘Easy Mac’.

Born to a Christian father and a Jewish mother on 19th January 1992 as Malcolm James McCormick, Mac loved to play football all day long apart from partying with his high school friends.

But in 2007, after the phenomenal success of his mixtape “But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy”, Mac decided to be a full time rapper and let go of his friends and football forever.

He came into the limelight in 2010 after he signed a six figure record deal with Rostrum Records, a Pittsburg based record label, a significant amount for a 18 year old.

He then started recording his debut album Blue Side Park and released it later in 2011.

Intimate pics of Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

He launched REMember music his record label, and it was named after his friend who died from a overdose.

Miller then abruptly announced, he was no longer signed to Rostrum records in 2014 and he signed a record deal with Warner Bros Records.

Mac Miller died of drug overdose

A hapless victim of substance abuse and the eventual the overdose, Mac Miller may be gone too soon but his songs are etched in our memories forever.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the shocking facts about Mac:

1. He was a Drug Addict Aged 10

Taking to drugs at a tender age of 10, by the time he reached high school, neither weed nor alcohol could get him high anymore, as he had reached a saturation point.

Unable to withstand the withdrawal symptoms, Mac had no choice but to try a cocktail of drugs including cocaine, meth, fentanyl with alcohol.

Naomi Leasure was Mac Millers secret girl friend

2. He Had a Secret Girlfriend

This comes as a shocker to so many people who thought Mac was a lone wolf. He had a secret girlfriend, Julia Kelly who was later known after his death.

She posted a picture of Mac’s hands on her laps and said she would give anything to get him back.

Mac Miller hit a pole after DUI

3. Arrested and Charged with DUI

Mac was arrested and charged with two counts of DUI in May 2018 while he was in LA.

He was arrested for once count of DUI and one count of driving at 0.08 or above.

Mac had an accident with a power pole, but he managed to flee the scene along with his accomplices on foot.

Unfortunately his popularity was his own undoing in getting arrested, as many witnesses called 911 and reported the incident, tagging his name and appearance.

Mac Miller overdosed because of his break up with Ariana Grande

4. Devastated About His Breakup with Ariana

Mac was madly in love with Ariana Grande and the two dated for two years before calling it quits.

However, the rapper was completely shaken by their breakup and even released songs to cherish the memories, apart from boozing and abusing substance at an alarming rate.

But he was truly depressed beyond any measure of hope, which eventually led to his arrest with DUI apart from his untimely death.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande making out

5. Ariana Tried to Get Him Sober

Mac Miller had sobriety problems, and he had a hard time trying to stay sober, inspite of repeated pleas from Ariana.

Ariana on a tweet said that she had tried all she could to get Mac to sober up, but she had failed and she gave up.

Unlike her current lovers, the “7 Rings” singers was truly in love Mac Miller,  hence the reason for her frequent breakups and failed marriage with Dalton Gomez.

She argued, begged, threatened and even fought with Mac, to try and get him admitted in a rehab, but the poor dude just couldn’t live without it.

Chemistry between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

6. Ariana Had Enough of His Drug Addictions

Even though the artists never talked ill about each other, it was revealed that the two broke up due to his drug problems.

After they broke up, Arian wrote on her twitter that she is not a babysitter or a mother.

She added, that she cared for him and prayed for his balance and will continue to do so.

Mac Miller overdosed marijuana because of Ariana Pete Davidson relationship

7. Started Smoking Weed in Fifth Grade

Mac is a known stoner, but he started the habit so long before people knew.

He started smoking in third grade, but those were mere cigarettes.

They then started smoking weed in fifth grade.

Childhood pics of Mac Miller

8. School But Not Class

Mac attended the Catholic Taylor Allerdice High School.

He used to show up at school to pass out his mixtapes, but he never attended classes.

He would hang out in the back of the school, but to give people his CDs.

A gloomy looking Mac Miller

9. He Shouldn’t Have Graduated

Mac used to miss school and classes as well for up to weeks and months at a time.

Mac was charming in a way, and they even let him graduate when he shouldn’t have.

He had an innocent face and teachers believed him whenever he told any lies about why he skipped classes.

Mac Miller depressed

10. Stolen TVs and Purses Used to Fund His Stolen Time

Miller’s father was a renowned architect, his mother was a professional photographer and he inherited a posh appartment in the center of Pittsburgh from his grandfather.

Yet Mac was a broke ass kid, because his parents refused him fund his musical career, because he used to spend all the money on weed and alcohol.

So he took his friends Jimmy and Treej to rob purses and TVs to fund his studio time.

They would steal TVs and rob girls in parties, by emptying their purses when the girls were not looking.

Mac Miller sold drugs in school

11. He was a Peddler

Mac used to sell weed, but he was so bad at it.

He was a drug dealer at a point in his life, but he would often betray his clients by swapping bad weed for high-grade weed.

He would blow up all his money on studio time whenever he had good quality weed.

Mac Miller arrested for DUI and drugs possession

12. Arrested and Spent a Night in Jail

Mac never claimed to be a thug, but he spent a night in jail once.

He was caught with a bag of weed together with his friends, and they spent a night in jail for that.

Mac Miller was addicted to Reggae music

13. He is an Avid Reggae Fan

Mac Miller’s love for reggae is unmatched. He has a tattoo saying “no woman no cry” on his chest.

This is a title of one of Bob Marley’s most popular songs.

Mac Miller was addicted since his childhood

14. A Chain Smoker

Mac use to smoke a lot of cigarettes, and he was hooked on to cigarettes.

American Spirit menthols are his favorites, and he would smoke more than a pack a day.

Live performance of Mac Miller

15. His Grandfather Loved Him so Much

Mac’s grandfather loved him so much. When he died, he left Mac a few thousand grands and a 2 bedroom apartment, right in the middle of Pittsburgh.

Breakup with Ariana Grande got Mac Miller extremely depressed

16. He was Depressed

Mac Miller reached the lowest point of his life, when Ariana left him.

And in the days leading up to his death , he would often start talking about it, but it was too late for him, to seek any professional help.