Sexy pics of Little Mix

Little Mix are a girl band formed in 2011.

It’s an all-girl group that joined The X Factor as mere individuals but came out as a group and winners.

This was the first group to win The X Factor and they signed into Syco Music.

The group consists of four members, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards.

They are the first group to reach the US top five after the Pussycat Dolls and also the first to earn the highest debut US chart position for a girl’s group first release.

Live performance of Little Mix

The thing with bands is they don’t have a lot to hide.

They live their lives on the spotlight and no matter the kind of life they live; their private life is entangled with their professional life.

A lot is known about them but the little they hide is what we are concerned with today.

Let’s take a look at some of their best hidden secrets.

Jessie of Little Mix is afraid of sandwiches

1. Jessy has a Fear of Sandwiches

The group members have the weirdest phobias in this world.

Jessy being the first with a phobia of sandwiches or anything that looks slimy on bread.

Sandwiches make her feel sick and she can’t even eat bread and butter too.

Zayn Malik cheated Perrie Edward

2. Perrie got Cheated on

We all know Zayn Malik one of the members of One Direction used to date Perrie from Little Mix.

However, things got heated up and tough when Zayn went on a tour with One Direction and he was caught cuddling with another girl and he even took flirty photos with her.

Perrie Edwards of Little Mix was betrayed by Zayn Malik

3. Perrie was Cheated on with a Waitress

Zayn Malik is one guy whose loyalty swindles from side to side.

He cheated on Perrie more than once and he once cheated on her with a waitress.

The waitress even claimed she had photos of him sleeping proving they did cheat.

Leigh Anne Little Mix nude

4. Leigh-Anne Fought with Her Boyfriend

Not sure if she has an attitude or what happened but in 2013, she fought with her boyfriend Jordan.

She was heard yelling at him to get away from her and she had to be consoled by Jade her bandmate in the women’s toilet.

Perry Edwards of Little Mix has no sense of smell

5. Perrie can’t Smell Anything

Not that she doesn’t want to but because she doesn’t have the sense of smell.

This is weird considering the band has their own brand of perfume and she helped advertise it.

Leigh Anne of Little Mix was a waitress once.

6. Leigh-Anne Worked as a Waitress

It’s not a bad thing but it’s one of the secret these stars try to hide all the time.

Before she joined the x factor and Little Mix, Leigh used to work as a waitress at a pizza hut.

She had to take a high school job like anyone else and the best fit for her was a restaurant.

Jade of Little Mix was a drug addict before she became sober

7. Jade is a Drug Addict

This might not be true but this is a secret they would rather keep behind closed door.

Jade was suspected of drug and substance abuse.

She posted a video on Instagram showing her staggering and fans concluded she’s high on substance abuse.

Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix hot

8. Jade Failed Twice on The X Factor

Jade failed to succeed on The X Factor twice before, the third time where she succeeded and joined the band Rhythmix ,before they changed their name to Little Mix after winning at the show.

Sam Craske and Jade Thirlwall dated for a while.

9. Jade dated Sam Craske

Jade and Sam Craske dated for some time before the Diversity member decided to call it quits.

The decision was however mutual and they broke up due to their busy schedules.

They didn’t have time to see each other as often as they would have liked.

Sexy and hot pics of Little Mix

10. All Phobias

If you would look at Little Mix, all the phobias are in the group.

Jade has a fear for clowns among so many other things.

Jessy Nelson of Little Mix sexy

11. Jessy was Picked on and Bullied in School

During her school time, Jesy was bullied so much that she had to change school because she was bullied.

She says this happened because she was unique and she likes standing out from the rest.

It was serious in that she changed school five times!

Leigh Anne Pinnock sexy hair

12. Leigh-Anne is No One to Joke Around With

When working as a waitress, Leigh-Anne due to her beauty would get so many advances from men.

She was nice at first in a bid to try and keep her job but when it became too much, she changed.

She started being mean until the men backed off.

However, not all of them backed off, she still got a boyfriend right?

Leigh Anne of Little Mix topless

13. Quincy

Leigh-Anne had a cool nickname when she was in school.

They used to call her Quincy and she says it’s because she was cute and unique thus the nickname.

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14. You Can Own the Girls for $19.99

Can you believe this? You can own a doll’s version of any of the girls for $19.99.

If you thought you can own any person for cash, don’t be misled.

Weird addictions of Little Mix band members

15. Weird Addictions

This is a weird band with weird addictions.

Jade to begin with has an addiction for boxes. She puts everything in a box.

Leigh-Anne makes weird noises when itching her throat.

Little Mixs Jessy suffered from Alopecia Areata caused by bullying

16. Jessy Suffered from Alopecia

When Jessy was 13 years, she suffered from a condition called Alopecia.

The condition is brought by stress which she suffered from being bullied in school.