Sexy legs of Selena Gomez

If you are a fan of Disney movies, then Selena Gomez must have passed somewhere in your radar.

She is one of the best known Disney actors or characters for that matter but that isn’t the only reason she is popular.

She hit the spotlight as a singer and actress with one pf the best musical voices in the world.

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She is also famous for dating the Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Between the two, Selena is more famous and Justin might be jealous of her maybe!

Selena who is 22 years old right now is at the peak of her career.

She is one artist who has faced a lot of criticism and adversity in her life but despite everything she has gone through, she is still strong.

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Selena’s life hit the spotlight when she became such a successful actress and singer and when she started dating Bieber, she could barely hide anything.

Paparazzi started following her anywhere she went but she braced on and managed to keep part of her life a secret.

Keep reading to find out some of the most hidden secrets Selena has up her sleeves:

Selena Gomez suffered from depression for a long time

1. Suffered from Depression

After she had a kidney transplant, she started having issues with depression.

She thought it wasn’t serious until she had to cancel a tour and sign herself into rehab.

She had to undergo therapy to try and curb the condition.

Selena Gomez wore a purity ring before she met Justin Bieber

2. She Has a Purity Ring

Not sure what exactly these things signify but they are right what they mean.

The rings are meant for purity but not sure if she is all pure like the rings hold true.

Selena however has a purity ring reading True Love Waits.

Selena Gomez has a weakness for burgers and coke

3. She Has an Eating Disorder

Believe it or not, Selena Gomez has an eating disorder.

She was secretly diagnosed with the condition and it was one of the other things that made her cancel her tours and check into rehab.

She likes burgers and coke so much that the disorder is almost public.

 Selena Gomez Justin Bieber kissing

4. She was Cheated on by Justin Bieber

The two were a couple for a while and their relationship went on and off up until she made the decision to break it off with Bieber.

The reason isn’t aired but it is alleged that the guy in the relationship cheated but since they are good friends, she doesn’t wanna discuss it.

Selena Gomez still very much in love with Justin Bieber

5. She still Loves Bieber

According to some of her closest sources, she has never gotten over him completely.

She still calls him and he does the same and they talk.

It is rumored that they secretly send each other messages. Justin gets drunks and cries about her till today.

Selena Gomez spray painted a horse pink for her music video

6. Controversial Treatment of Animals

We all know Selena has a few rescue dogs that she recued herself but that doesn’t mean she is totally empathetic.

She did a song where the video had horses that were spray painted pink and it got some people furious.

Selena Gomez gets anxiety attack before live performances

7. Struggles with Anxiety Before Going on Stage

Before every performance, Selena battles with anxiety and panic attacks.

With such fame and the many concerts and tours she has been to, you would think she would have gotten over it already, but it is in her and she cited that as a reason for rehabilitation.

Selena Gomez has more than 149 million Instagram followers

8. Instagram Addict

We all know that Selena is the most followed person on Instagram with more than 150 million followers.

That is an awful lot of followers and puts her name on top but did you know she was an Instagram addict.

She used log in and she wouldn’t sleep after that.

Cute smile of Selena Gomez

9. Hallucinations Haunted Her

After she became the most followed person on Instagram, Selena became an addict of the social media.

She was so much into it that she was seeing things (hallucinating).

Selena Gomez friend donated her kidney

10. Near Death Experience

Today, we all know that Selena had lupus but she was saved after her friend donated a kidney to her.

Before that, she thought she was going to die, as she didn’t want to request anyone to donate a kidney to her.

Selena Gomez was born to a teenage mother

11. Teenage Mum

Gomez and her mother started from the bottom.

Her mother was a teenager 16 years old when she gave birth to Selena and she was barely 5 years old when she got divorced.

Sexy pics of Selena Gomez

12. She Used to Overdo Everything

Maybe this is the time she learnt how to take care of herself.

In 2011, she was hospitalized after an interview where she was diagnosed with physical exhaustion and food poisoning. She wasn’t taking it slow at all.

Live performance of Selena Gomez

13. Lessons from a Kid

As she was getting ready to perform in Dubai, Selena was approached by a small kid who was her fan and she challenged her.

She told Selena, “if only you would love yourself first”. Selena was stars struck and she made it her motto.

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14. Bullied in School

Might be hard to imagine but she is unique and bullies tend to pick on this a lot.

She was bullied in elementary and middle school too but that didn’t destroy her and it made her stronger.

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15. Pure Until She Met Bieber

Selena had a purity ring which she wore from 2005-2010.

She lost or got rid of the ring when she was dating Bieber. Did he take away her purity?

Sexy legs of Selena Gomez

16. Classified Account Information

According to her inside circle, Selena doesn’t have the Instagram app in her phone and her account details too.

Her IG account details are classified information, known only to her assistant.

Too much for the most followed person on Instagram.