What Is Amazon Bounty Program and Why Is It So Popular?

Difference between Amazon Affiliate program and Amazon Bounty program

There are many reasons to make money with your own website.

Whether it’s to earn a regular income, boost your holiday income or even covering your monthly hosting fees for your provider, the Amazon Associates Program and bounties are an essential part of the fees you earn.

As much as making money with Amazon Affiliates is nice, dig in a little deeper and into their money-making capabilities and find their bounty program.

Amazon Associates Program works this way…

If you have a website, you include Amazon products on your site or blog by embedding affiliate links in your pages or posts.

When your page is opened, and visitors in your pages click on the links, you can earn up to 10% of the purchases made during the user’s shopping spree.

The advertising fees, however, depend on the product categories purchased.

What is a Bounty Program?

In addition to the advertising fees by product category, you can also earn a fixed amount of cash from your advertising.

These are extra premiums,and they are not geared towards products but are paid for the promotion of Amazon.com services.

You earn an amount of a fixed advertising fee once a referral sent from your website signs up for a subscription to an Amazon service.

The fixed fee you receive is known as a bounty.

To lay it out bare, a Bounty program is where by a person who is already an Amazon Associates Program member, earns a fixed amount of money if and when a visitor on their site signs up for a trial or fixed membership for an Amazon service via your Associate link.

These services include Amazon Prime, Amazon Audible and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Promoting Amazon Services is as easy as promoting the products.

Just integrate an Associate link or banner on your website by using an already created banner from Associates Central or use other tools.

The Amazon Bounty program is a bit complicated,but you have to understand it if you expect to earn from it.

Let’s take a look at some of the examples of the bounty program and how the user or visitor benefits from it as well as the Associate.

Amazon Prime

For visitors referred from your site and they sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, you are eligible to earn $ 3.00.

For $$ annually, Amazon Prime members get to:

• Watch over 1500 movies and TV episodes with unlimited streaming

• Get unlimited free one-day delivery on different items

• Secure unlimited photo storage with full time access anywhere

• Listen to more than 2 million songs on Prime Music

• Borrow from as many titles from Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

If your referred visitor purchases the annual Amazon Prime membership when the free trial period expires, the paid subscription is not eligible for an additional bounty or advertising fees.

In order to earn a bounty for Amazon Prime 30-day Free Trial, you have to use the designated landing page or any successor page.

The referred visitor doesn’t have to complete the 30-day free trial for you to be paid.

You are paid regardless of whether the visitor goes through with the 30-day free trial or if he or she quits before it expires.

Amazon Associates Music Bounty Program

This is another example of a bounty program on Amazon.

You are eligible to earn a fixed fee (bounty) for every eligible Amazon Music sign up generated.

There are two tiers to Amazon Music which means there are two bounties:

1. Prime Music. It has a 2 million curated song catalogue for the Prime members. You earn $3 fixed fee for every sign-up you generate.

2. Amazon Music Unlimited. Has over 40 million song catalogue and you earn $3 for every eligible signup generated.

Amazon Music rebranded and launched Amazon Music Unlimited for their customers and increased the size of the Prime Music curated catalogue for their customers.

If a customer signs up for both services within 24 hours after referral, you are eligible to earn both for Amazon Music Unlimited and for Prime Music.

This also applies if the referred visitor purchases the annual subscription and also applies if the customer doesn’t finish the 30-day free trial.

The bounty value doesn’t change according to which Price Plan the customer chooses.

Amazon Bounty program has become very popular for one obvious reason.

You can earn a bounty which is a fixed fee on top of the Amazon Associates advertising fees from your website.

However, you have to be an Amazon Associates member to be eligible.

This means you can earn the usual referral fees from your site and still earn the bounty if you promote Amazon services which is not quite hard.