Benefits of Amazon Coins, How to get a Refund for Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coin is a digital payment method created by one of the biggest online retailers in the US

The coins can currently be used to buy software for Kindle Fire, Kindle and Android devices within an app from Amazon Appstore.

Amazon coins were introduced via a promotion in the UK and US where users of Kindle and Kindle Fire devices were given free coins.

The existing Kindle owners were given coins worth $5 the same as customers who ordered the Kindle Fire HDX in 2013 upon receipt of their devices.

In 2014, the company allowed all Android users in Germany, US,and the UK to earn, buy and spend coins via the Amazon Store through their Android phones and tablets.

The shoppers would also get discounts when they bought the coins in bulk and earn the same through specific apps.

Value and usage of the Amazon Coins

Amazon called Amazon Coins virtual currency, but the coins operate like gift cards.

One Amazon coin is worth one cent,and like many coupons, they can’t be redeemed for cash.

This means you can have as many coins, but you can only shop around Amazon with them, but you can’t get cash on the coins.

The coins cannot also be sold or transferred from one Amazon account to the other.

The coins don’t have an expiry date or limit, but some of the promotional coins will expire over one year from the time they were acquired.

The coins work in a way such that when a user buys software with the Amazon Coins, the developer is in turn paid in conventional currency.

Android users who want to try out Amazon Coins have to download the latest version of Amazon App store on their mobile device.

The coins can be bought through Amazon and spent on any compatible app, game or in-app item for the device.

According to Mike George, the VP of Amazon App store and Games, the number of customers using the coins is increasing as well as the users who are spending the coins on apps and games.

Customers can earn coins when they buy apps in Amazon App store.

The interesting bit is that customers can buy coins at up to a 10% discount and they love this bonus and extra value when shopping on Amazon App store.

How to get a refund for Amazon Coins?

To spend Amazon Coins, you need to install Hearthstone and buy the coins from Amazon.

You can install Hearthstones even before you decide to buy the coins too.

The Hearthstone you install needs to be from the US Amazon App store.

This means if your device has it installed already, you will need to uninstall and install again from the US Amazon App store.

After the Hearthstone is installed on your Android device, launch it.

Change your region to whatever you play on at the top of the logging screen.

Remember you don’t want to buy Coin packs from the wrong region,so this is an important thing to do.

For the Hearthstone users who haven’t played there yet, it is easy to tell you have logged in into the wrong region,but if you are a frequent player, it is easier to miss this.

Once you have launched the Hearthstone and logged in into the right region, go into the shop.

Select any item and click on Buy (it won’t buy anything instantly so you can safely do that).

You will have the option of paying either with money or Amazon Coins.

You can now use Amazon Coins for in-app purchases.

Once you make in-game purchases via Amazon coins, you can now get a refund or coins back for the purchase.

With the current agreement, you can buy the $50 pre-purchase bundle for $40 and get $5 worth of Amazon Coins back.

It is expected that Amazon will launch a promotion where the Coin cashback to 30%.

This means you will get $15 worth of Amazon Coins back which will up the final value even more.

It is also possible to get a refund in the full amount of the cash you had bought the coins.

This applies under certain circumstances and not all refund requests are accepted.

You can write to support regarding your concern and they will get back to you with more information if the refund will go through or not.

If they give you a refund, they will get back to you and explain the process in their email.

The refund will, however, take 3 to 5 business days before it goes through and this only applies to the payment method used for the initial purchase.

However, this applies under specific circumstances not all time.

If you had bought extra coins and in-App purchases and request for a refund, the coins will be removed as well as the Apps purchased will be removed from your app library.