What is Amazon Prime Student and its Benefits

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is an annual subscription that provides a number of benefits to the members.

It has the same benefits as the regular Amazon Prime but at a discount for students.

To qualify, you have to be enrolled in one college or university in the U.S including online universities as well as Puerto Rico.

With Amazon Prime Students you get a limited free trial for six months at the cost of $$ per year or $ per month.

The verified students (who have a valid .edu email address) are eligible for the program for four years or until their graduation.

After that their membership auto-renews itself to $$ per year.

Some students must pay taxes on their membership if they live in Arizona, Florida, California, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas and Wisconsin.

Amazon Student has a referral program that pays the student being referred and the student who referred them $ to enjoy on top of their subscription.

However, Amazon has a requirement or procedures for how to invite a fellow student.

You share a link on social media or to use Amazon’s email form to send the invite.

Amazon Prime Student vs Spotify Student vs Amazon Mom

Spotify Student

Students in accredited universities can now get Spotify Premium Subscriptions for half the price bringing the cost down to 4% per month.

With Spotify Student, you are required to sign in through the student’s section of Spotify’s website and enter your name, date of birth and college.

You can’t sign up with an old university mail like it used to happen with Amazon Prime Student.

To verify the active enrollments, Spotify uses SheerID, but you can upload documents manually like the student ID card if the auto-verification fails.

The discount offered by Spotify applies for 12 months at a time.

After this, you must sign up for the discount once again.

Currently, Spotify is offering four-yearly discount periods during enrollment, then the subscription goes back to the full price of $10 per month.

If you don’t re-register as a student every year, Spotify assumes you graduated and starts charging you the full price. Spotify student also comes with free Hulu unlimited.

Benefits of Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom

This is one exclusive deal for the mothers.

It is one of the things that make things easier for the mothers.

It is like an offer rewarding cool moms out there.

Amazon Mom is a program from Amazon geared towards moms of newborns through toddlers.

With Amazon Mom, you save up to 20% on all baby related stuff from diapers and wipes to toys and to add on top; they ship it right to your door for free.

For the new members, the first three months are free where you get benefits like:

• 20% of on all diapers and wipes subscription exclusive to Amazon Mom.

• 20% off all other family important subscriptions when five or more items arrive on your monthly delivery day.

If you are an Amazon Prime member and you want to sign up for Amazon Mom, the subscription is free and you receive all the benefits for free too.

However, if you decide to cancel the Prime membership, you will not be eligible to receive the additional Amazon Mom discounts provided on Subscribe & Save.

When you pay for Amazon Prime, you will get Amazon om for free, but if you still don’t want to spend, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Amazon has been changing the Amazon Mom program and it has now been renamed Amazon Family. With this, you get:

• Access to Prime Photos

• Access to Prime Instant Video

• Access to prime Music

• One Kindle book borrow every month

• Prime Early access

• Free 2-day shipping with no minimum

• Free Baby Registry Welcome Box

• Exclusive Amazon Family coupons and many others

Amazon Prime student is a Prime Subscription that includes all the Amazon Prime benefits only at a discounted price and a few other benefits.

Spotify Student is a Spotify Premium subscription that comes at a lower cost for students.

While Amazon Mom or Amazon Family is an individual program that can be signed up for a Prime subscription or individually.

All the three programs offer access to their prime subscriptions only at a discounted price.