More than 50,000 fans thronged Ariana Grande’s Manchester One Love Unity Concert on Sunday 4th of June 2017, at the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground which comes under the Lancashire County of Manchester.

Some of the biggest names in the British and American music industry, including Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Liam Gallager (former Oasis lead vocals), Robbie Williams, Take That, Little Mix and Niall Horan joined Ariana Grande in a spectacular show of unity, which raised more than 2 million pounds for the Manchester Arena terror victims of May 22nd 2017.

The show could have been easily cancelled, early Sunday morning, as the Greater Manchester city police did got clear the security for the event, after the multiple terror attacks in London on Saturday night which killed more than 7 people.

But as the events unfolded Garry Shewan, Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police issued a statement..clarifying things for those fans who had already purchased tickets for the event.

“We’re deeply saddened to hear about last night’s horrific attacks in London and our thoughts are with everyone affected, including the emergency services responding to the incident.”

“There are two large-scale events taking place in Greater Manchester today and we would like to assure people that these will still take place, but with additional security in place to ensure the safety of everyone.”

“We have dedicated resources at both events, with a significant number of officers from both GMP and colleagues from other forces, some of which will be armed.”

“There will be additional security checks taking place and everyone will be searched, including bags. We would ask people not to bring bags if they can, as this will help speed up entry.”

“I’d like to remind people that the threat level with in the UK remains at severe, which means an attack is highly likely.“Please remain vigilant at all times, and report anything suspicious that causes you concern to the Police on 999.”

As Freddie Mercury sang “The Show Must Go On” , Manchester One Love Unity Concert went ahead as scheduled with unprecedented security.

Broadcast exclusively on BBCOne (ABC in US), the show started with an impromptu performance of a Manchester city Policeman, dancing with the children outisde the Old Trafford cricket ground, a mere 2 minute walk from the Manchester arena.

While inside the cricket ground.. David Beckham, Man Utd and Manchester’s most loved pesonality..gave a moving & inspiring speech for the 50 K fans.

Ariana Grande took over from Beckham and sang most of her popular numbers..on the special instructions of Olivia Campbell’s mother, one of the unfortunate teen victims of the May 22nd terror attack.

As Ariana’s sang her duet Chris Martin of Coldplay for “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, Ariana’s mom Joan Grande mingled freely with the fans taking selfies with them and reassuring them… that ‘everything is ok’.

The biggest ’round of applause’ for the night was reserved for Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande’s duet “Where Is The Love (One Love Manchester)”, which sent the fans into an absolute frenzy..with many young fans..cheering and crying, with nothing held back.

The benefit concert,which was sold-out in less than 20 minutes..began with a ‘moment of silence’ for the victims, led by Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of Mumford & sons.

Justin Bieber clad in a light blue torn jeans, a yellow jacket and a guitar.. honoured the victims, by opening his peformance with these emotional words, fighting back his tears “I’m not going to let go of hope, I’m not going to let go of love.”