piracy is criminal

If there is something that’s affecting the music industry globally; it’s Piracy.

It has become an enemy to the upcoming artist and even though the practice is not condemned, the music industry still feels the pinch of it.

Despite the term having coined various definitions, it’s simply copying some else’s original work and distributed the contents without the owner’s authorization.

Unfortunately for the artists, this offense is carried everyday by millions of users downloading songs, videos, or linking friends to free websites where they can access these materials free.

Some copy songs on CDs or save them on a flash disk and distribute them among loved ones.

Piracy is a crime

A trail of losses follows this trend which happens to involve a lot of potential customers for celebrities.

Piracy is detrimental and with the rapid growth of technology, it will be extremely hard for artists both upcoming and established to earn enough which will deplete the music industry slowly.

According to Hollywood, hundreds of millions of dollars are estimated to be lost from illegal downloads and streams.

Also, the most affected individuals include independent creators especially in music who struggle to make ends meet.

Production of a single album costs a lot in the music industry; therefore, the tracks should not be released for free.

However, within two hours of being released, studios have recorded hundreds of illegal downloads from several websites.

Kimberly James, the president of CBM Records states that upcoming artists have a lot to lose than famous because once they have their album out and Piracy sips in immediately, losses emerge; pirates just take those tracks and profit illegally.

Besides, taking down the album from the internet is not cheap. When illegally downloading music that someone worked extremely hard for or spent their entire savings producing, you deny them compensation.

Piracy destroys music industry

All that practice and sweat goes to waste because you couldn’t spare a few dollars to promote the artists.

Sometimes we are a victim of Piracy especially when the music you have is a result of sharing.

However, if you love the artist in question and want to support and promote their talent, buy their music.

You can also use streaming services that are sure to add to their revenue in case you are short on cash.

Piracy is not a small thing because it does not affect just the artist but also the people working for the music industry- producers, songwriters, audio experts, publishers, and marketing specialists among others.

In simple terms, Piracy is stealing someone’s idea which is wrong in so many ways.

Though it promotes celebrities, chances of the albums returns reduce with time affecting all involved parties.

How about the fact that Piracy is contributing to damaging original contents especially, when the pirate alters the material to release it unnoticed.

Streaming service apps or websites do not tolerate Piracy but that doesn’t mean talented individuals can’t sneak in through manipulating loop holes.

To do so, one alters the content in question to avoid being detected and gets rewarded.

However, the message that was originally intended to spread becomes something else.

Piracy destroys an actors career

If it’s entertaining, attention is pulled from the owner making him lose fans and hundreds of dollars.

You find that the music industry is losing potential artist because they are counting losses instead of profits.

Some end up choosing different careers while others find comfort in local gigs.

I bet the world has several dormant musicians who lost hope after piracy mocked their efforts and unless awareness is raised, the music industry will keep losing rising stars.

Every effort ought to have a reward and copyright laws are being established globally to protect artists from piracy but what happens when the pirate resides in a country that doesn’t recognize these laws?

When you download or stream Katy Perry’s song from a pirate site, profits go the owner of the site.

But if you use the legal streaming services, you not only promote Katy but make her a few dollars richer.

The same case applies to upcoming artists.

Piracy is deplorable

Instead of denying them a chance to show the world their talent, you reward their creativity and encourage them to bring more entertaining tracks. Loyalty pays even if it’s indirect.

The music industry has a lot to offer particularly when entertainment, inspiration, uplifting, and happiness is concerned.

Besides, it has therapeutic benefits and since each artist has a particular area they expert in delivering a certain message, why not give them a chance?

Piracy is like a virus slowing chewing on fresh content, creating unemployment where it thrives, and denying individuals showcase their talents like a songwriter, producers, audio engineers, and marketers among others.

Without artists to sing, albums to promote, studios and recording companies have a hard time delivering, employing or keeping the music industry alive.