Ben Affleck Saddened by Batman vs Superman Reviews

A Youtube video showing a pensive looking Ben Affleck lost in thoughts during an interview, after negative reviews were read from his latest movie Batman vs Superman, has gone viral.

It all started when the interviewer, well known to Ben Affleck shocked him by reading out the most crude of reviews and then asking Ben to respond.A visibly shaken Affleck was just not prepared for an apt response and was lost for words.

This was the very moment when the camera started focussing on Affleck, catching him unawares.Even though his fellow actor Henry Cavill the ‘Superman’ tried to distract the interviewer and the camera man from focusing on Affleck, by answering the questions himself.

The trick didn’t work and Ben Affleck’s emotions were taken for a ride, with the video gaining more than 14 million views on Youtube in just under 48 hours, many hundred times the views Batman vs Superman got in theaters.