20 years after the occasions in Afghanistan, in the midst of the political challenges of the emergency in Burma, heartless military officer Major Pa Tee Tint (Maung Khin) drives a multitude of Tatmadaw officers to loot little towns in a fight of alarm.

He watches with impassion as honest villagers are constrained into mine-plagued swamps and requests his men to steal the teen young men of the towns to be drafted into his armed force.

Previous U.s. warrior John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) now exists in Thailand in a remote town close to the Burmese outskirt where he brings home the bacon catching and offering snakes and additionally navigating individuals here and there the Salween River in his pontoon.

He is approached by preacher Michael Burnett (Paul Schulze) who asks for that he and his gathering be carried into Burma on a philanthropic mission to give support to Karen tribespeople.

Rambo can’t, guaranteeing that without weapons, there will be no progressions, yet is inevitably convinced by preacher Sarah Miller (Julie Benz) to make the excursion.

Amid their outing, the pontoon is halted by a trio of privateers driving a gunboat who request Sarah in return for section.

After transactions come up short, Rambo executes the privateers with his frosty war-period Colt M1911 and later dumps a solitary body in the water to hide the proof, and additionally blazing whatever remains of the bodies on the return trip.

Michael is enormously irritated at Rambo’s activities; after landing in Burma, he says that the gathering will go by street and won’t require him for the return trip.

The mission goes well until the Tatmadaw, drove by Major Tint, all of a sudden assault, butchering the greater part of the villagers and two preachers and grabbing the rest, including Michael and Sarah.

At the point when the ministers neglect to return following ten days, their minister (Ken Howard) comes to ask Rambo’s assistance to guide a procured group of five hired soldiers, Lewis (Graham Mctavish), School Boy (Matthew Marsden), En-Joo (Tim Kang), Reese (Jake La Botz), and Diaz (Reynaldo Galledos), to the town where the teachers were most recently seen.

Rambo concurs and goes hand in hand with the hired soldiers to the drop-off. He offers to help however is declined by the group’s pioneer Lewis, an ex-Special Air Service agent, who requests he stay at the pontoon.

As the soldier of fortune group touches base at the town, a squad of Tatmadaw officers appear with a gathering of prisoners.

The troopers are playing an amusement, compelling detainees to gone through a rice paddy with landmines, and wagering on the result.

The group takes spread, wanting to remain by and (apparently reluctantly) let the prisoners be executed keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from inciting a reaction from a much bigger gathering of troopers.

Having dismissed Rambo as a straight forward boatman, the soldiers of fortune are stunned when he shows up and courageously wipes out the whole squad of Tatmadaw fighters with his compound bow, permitting the prisoners to escape unscathed.

Rambo persuades the group to vindicate the slaughter and recovery the prisoners at the P.o.w. camp after he witnesses the annihilated town loaded with disfigured human and creature bodies.

Rambo and the soldiers of fortune stealthily invade the camp and effectively find and salvage Sarah and alternate detainees and escape with them.

Tint rapidly learns of the circumstances and mercilessly examines with the assistance of his armed force. The Tatmadaw figure out how to catch everybody aside from Rambo, Sarah, and School Boy, the bunch’s sharpshooter.

Pretty much as the caught soldiers of fortune and prisoners are to be executed, Rambo seizes a UAZ-469 jeep-mounted .50-bore M2 automatic weapon and touches off an extraordinary shootout.

Tint stows away as the firefight raises and executes one of the teachers. After this, En-Joo is murdered by a M67 explosive.

The Tatmadaw, having a substantial numerical focal point, verge on triumph yet the Karen radicals show up and join the battle, turning the tide of the fight.

Tint, understanding his thrashing, endeavors to escape the territory, yet Rambo captures and eviscerates him.

In the last scene, energized by Sarah’s words Rambo comes back to his home in the United States, Rambo is seen strolling along an Arizona interstate until he sees a steed ranch and a rusted post box.

Perusing the name “R. Rambo” Rambo grins and strolls down the rock carport as the credits roll.