On the outskirts of Los Angeles, a semi-truck stacked with hardware is approached by three vigorously altered Honda Civics. The inhabitants of the Civics immobilize the truck driver, capture the truck and break.

The following day, covert L.A.P.D. officer, Brian O’conner, is appointed to discover the posse in charge of those wrongdoings.

Brian utilizes his spread employment at a post-retail parts shop to invade the nearby road hustling scene.

While going by Toretto’s Market, he plays with the shop’s benefactor, Mia Toretto, the sister of a road racer, Dominic Toretto.

Dominic’s group comprises of Jesse, Leon, Vincent, and his sweetheart, Letty. Vince gets in a battle with Brian over Mia, however Dominic splits it up.

Brian enters a race with his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX against Dominic with his Mazda RX-7 and wagers pink slips for his auto.

Amid the race, Brian picks up leeway by utilizing a nitrous help, however loses it when Dominic uses his nitrous to get up to speed to Brian.

Brian races excessively hard and blows his motor, giving the triumph to Dominic. A while later, Dominic ridicules Brian.

The L.A.P.D. arrives, constraining everybody to escape. Dominic is spotted by a cruiser, yet Brian spares him from being captured, picking up his appreciation.

They wander into the region of Dominic’s old dashing opponent, Johnny Tran and his cousin, Lance Nguyen, who later explode Brian’s auto.

Thereafter, Dominic advises Brian that he owes him a “ten second auto” (an auto that can, from a stop, drive a quarter mile in less than 10 seconds).

Brian brings a totaled Toyota Supra to Dominic’s safehouse, where he offers his aptitudes as a driver and a technician.

As the team settles to repair the auto, Brian begins dating Mia. Brian researches Hector and Tran, persuaded that Tran is in charge of the truck hijackings.

In the wake of examining a suspicious buy from Hector at the parts shop, Brian finds gadgets, like the ones stolen, at Tran’s property.

Brian illuminates his handlers, and the F.B.I. sorts out a strike on Tran. Notwithstanding, the hardware on Tran’s property were legitimately purchased; it now appears that Dominic and his companions are the genuine offender.

Dominic welcomes Brian to a road hustling occasion, Race Wars and says that they’ll talk once Brian has demonstrated his value there.

At the race, Jesse loses his dad’s Volkswagen Jetta to Tran, escaping after the misfortune. Tran defies Dominic, requesting that he must recover the auto for him.

It is then uncovered that Dominic and his companions are mindful behind the truck hijackings. To exculpate Jesse’s obligation, Dominic and his companions chose to submit an alternate commandeering the following day.

At the point when Mia discloses the team’s plan to Brian, they surge over to stop them as Brian is mindful that the trucks will be vigorously protected.

Vince is harmed by the truck driver’s shotgun, yet the group recovers him. Brian ruins his disguise when he phones for a rescue vehicle as a cop.

Brian heads over to Dominic’s home to capture him, yet Jesse arrives and argues for Dominic’s assistance to shield him from Tran.

Minutes after the fact, Jesse is killed in a drive-by shooting by Lance and Tran, provoking Dominic and Brian to seek after them, which brings about Dominic harming Lance and Brian killing Tran.

Brian and Dominic then take part in an improvised road race, barely keeping away from a train. Dominic is then harmed after his auto cuts a truck.

As opposed to capturing him, Brian provides for him the keys to his own auto, following through on his prior wager to convey a ten second auto and Dominic has the capacity get away from the police.

In the final scene, Dominic is seen driving through Baja, Mexico.