In the state of Arizona, 17-year old secondary school understudy Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) and Clay (Zachery Ty Bryan) race their autos to win Clay’s sweetheart Cindy.

Amid a fast turn the pair both accident; Clay’s wealthy family sees him escape discipline, yet Sean’s various past hustling exercises causes his mom to send him to live with his dad in Tokyo, who is positioned there in the U.s. Naval force.

At his new school, Sean meets a kindred American named Twinkie (Bow Wow). Twinkie acquaints Sean with Tokyo’s float hustling scene.

Sean has an encounter with Takashi (Brian Tee) otherwise known as DK (Drift King)– over Sean conversing with DK’s sweetheart Neela (Nathalie Kelley), bringing about Sean testing DK to a race.

Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) A companion & business accomplice to DK gives Sean his auto for the race.

DK effectively beats Sean because of Sean’s inability at floating, and Sean wrecks Han’s auto. The accompanying day, Han tells Sean that he must work for him as installment for the harmed auto.

Sean and Han get to be companions, with Han showing Sean how to float and loaning him an alternate auto for future races. Han clarifies that he is helping Sean on the grounds that Sean is the main individual eager to remain up to DK.

Sean later moves in with Han and soon experts floating, increasing some notoriety in the wake of overcoming DK’s correct hand man, Morimoto.

Sean soon asks Neela out on the town, and discovers that after her mom kicked the bucket she moved in with DK’s grandparents bringing about her attaching with DK.

DK thumps Sean the following day, letting him know to stay far from Neela; Neela leaves DK and moves in with Sean and Han.

DK’s uncle Kamata (Sonny Chiba) (the leader of the Yakuza), illuminates DK that the business is not meeting desires, and DK understands that Han has been taking from him.

DK and Morimoto go up against Han, Sean, and Neela about the burglaries.

Twinkie causes a diversion permitting Han, Sean, and Neela to escape, sought after at fast by Morimoto and DK; Morimoto crashes his auto and is murdered, and Han bites the dust when his vehicle blasts in the wake of being hit by an alternate auto.

Sean and Neela break to his dad’s home, trailed by DK. Neela leaves with DK to dodge a battle, and Sean’s dad requests that Sean come back to the United States; Sean demands sitting tight.

Sean gives back where its due cash to Kamata and proposes a race against DK to figure out who will leave Tokyo.

Kamata concurs and sets the race to occur on DK’s mountain. The following day, Sean finds that the police have appropriated the greater part of Han’s autos.

Sean and Han’s companions construct another auto utilizing Sean’s dad’s old auto and the motor from Han’s beat-up auto.

On the mountain, swarms accumulate to see the race; Kamata lands with Neela. After the race begins, DK leads the pack, yet Sean’s preparation permits him to equivalent DK.

DK resorts to smashing Sean’s auto, in the end missing and driving off the mountain while Sean crosses the completion line. Kamata keeps his word of honor and lets Sean stay in Tokyo.

Later, Sean, now the Drift King, is tested by an anonymous driver: Dominic Toret