A couple of years after their adventure in Las Vegas, Stu Price, Phil Wenneck, Alan Garner and Doug Billings make a trip to Thailand to observe Stu’s looming wedding to Lauren.

Much to Alan’s consternation, they are joined by Lauren’s more youthful sibling, Teddy.

Amid Lauren’s dad’s toast, he demonstrates his dissatisfaction with Stu by contrasting him with congee.

Toward the end of the night, Stu reluctantly joins Phil, Doug, Alan and Teddy for a brew. Sitting at an open air fire and simmering marshmallows, the gathering toast to Stu and Lauren’s future joy.

The following morning, Phil, Stu and Alan, alongside flashy hoodlum Leslie Chow—whom Alan got to know after Las Vegas—and a chain-smoking capuchin monkey, stir in a messy inn room in Bangkok.

Stu has a face tattoo (an imitation of Mike Tyson’s) and Alan’s head is totally shaved.

They can’t discover Teddy, and find just his separated finger. Chow starts reviewing the occasions of the former night, yet he apparently passes on in the wake of grunting a line of cocaine. Panicked, the trio discard Chow’s body in a refrigerator.

Through a tip from Doug who is still at the resort (he cleared out the pit fire sooner than the others), they go to a police headquarters to get Teddy however are given a wheelchair-bound elderly Buddhist minister.

Who knows all the more about what happened, yet does not uncover anything: he has taken a pledge of quiet, and rejects likewise an option, for example, composition something down.

In the wake of discovering a business card, they head out to an area seething in vestiges. They enter an adjacent tattoo parlor where Stu got his tattoo, and they discover that they had begun a battle that swelled into an uproar.

The trio then furnish a proportional payback to his Buddhist sanctuary, where they are supported by the head friar to contemplate.

Alan has the capacity review that they had been at a strip club, where they discover that Stu had occupied with sex with a kathoey prostitute, Kimmy.

After leaving, the trio are assaulted by two Russian mobsters from whom they take the monkey, and one shoots Phil in his arm.

After Phil is dealt with at a facility, Alan admits that he had medicated a percentage of the marshmallows from the earlier night with muscle relaxants and ADHD drug so as to steady Teddy however unintentionally stirred up the sacks.

In the wake of recognizing a location and time point for a gathering composed on Alan’s stomach, the trio get together with an alternate hoodlum, Kingsley, who requests Chow’s financial balance code and watchword by the following morning in return for Teddy.

They come back to the lodging to attempt to discover Chow’s secret key, just to find that he is still alive.

They take the monkey (who had the code given to him by Chow inside his coat for safety’s sake) back from the Russian mobsters through a fierce auto pursue, amid which the monkey is shot and harmed.

In the wake of taking the code and leaving the monkey at a veterinary facility, the gathering finish the arrangement with Kingsley.

Abruptly, Interpol operators show up and capture Chow. Kingsley ends up being a covert operators, who tells the trio that the police had utilized the data that Teddy had vanished to capture Chow and Kingsley really does not know where Teddy is.

Edgy and out of hints, Phil at the end of the day calls Doug’s wife Tracy. Stu then has an epiphany and the trio surges over to the inn and discover Teddy in the lift unharmed (yet as yet missing a finger).

Teddy had woken up amidst the night to get more ice for his separated finger (after the first pail of ice had softened) yet got to be caught after the force went out.

The four utilization Chow’s speedboat, the keys for which were in Teddy’s pocket, to fly out once again to the wedding gathering.

Landing ashore pretty much as Lauren’s dad is going to drop the wedding, Stu makes a rebellious discourse where he rejects being exhausting and rather expresses that he is truth be told wild. Awed, Lauren’s dad gives the few his gift.

After the wedding proceeds, Alan presents Stu with an exceptional blessing at the post-gathering move: a musical visitor execution by Mike Tyson.

Teddy later finds that he had taken numerous pictures amid the night on his PDA. The gathering, alongside Tyson, consent to take a gander at the pictures together once (some of which uncover Teddy lost his finger playing the blade amusement) before eradicating the confirmation of their adventures by and by.