Two years after the occasions in Bangkok, Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) escapes from a most extreme security jail, utilizing an uproar as spread.

In the mean time in America, Alan Earn (Zach Galifianakis) causes a 20-auto interstate pileup after he buys a giraffe and incidentally beheads it on a low bridge.

Alan’s dad Sid (Jeffrey Tambor), irate with Alan for his youthful pranks and never owning up to his oversights, kicks the bucket of a heart assault amidst an address.

After the burial service, Alan’s brother by marriage Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) illuminates companions Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) and Stu Value (Ed Rudders) that Alan has been off his ADHD solution and is crazy.

They go to a mediation, in which Alan consents to visit a recovery office in Arizona, so long as “the Wolfpack” takes him there.

On the best approach to Arizona, Phil’s minivan is slammed off the street by a rental truck and the gathering is taken prisoner.

They are later defied by crowd manager Marshall (John Goodman) and “Dark Doug” (Mike Epps), his head implementer.

He lets them know that years prior Chow commandeered 50% of a $42 million gold heist and, perceiving how Alan has been the one and only to speak with Chow amid his detainment, reasoned that the Wolfpack could place him and recover the gold.

Marshall hijacks Doug as insurance and gives the others three days to discover Chow, or else Doug will be killed.

Alan sets up a gathering with Chow in Tijuana, Mexico, where Stu and Phil will conceal and endeavor to medication him.

Then again, Alan inadvertently doles out their area and Chow strengths them to admit they are working for Marshall. Chow clarifies his plan to recover the stolen gold from the storm cellar of a Mexican estate he already claimed.

Stu, Alan and Phil break into the house and effectively recover the gold, however Chow betrays them by securing them the storm cellar, rearming the security framework and getting away in Phil’s minivan.

are captured however obscurely discharged from the police headquarters, where they are gotten by a limousine and taken again to the estate, where they get together with Marshall.

They discover that Chow had deceived them; the manor was never his. Truth be told, it was Marshall’s own particular manor and the gold they stole was the other half he didn’t get from Marshall, who forgets them for their mix-up however kills “Dark Doug” for his ineptitude and helps them to remember their now two-day due date.

The gathering tracks Phil’s telephone, which was left in the minivan, outside a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

second hand store holder, Cassie (Melissa Mccarthy), lets them know that Chow exchanged a gold block for $18,000, far not exactly its regular offer rate of $400,000.

Utilizing Stu’s previous significant other Jade (Heather Graham) as their contact, they discover that Chow is blockaded in the penthouse suite of Caesars Castle.

Phil and Alan sneak into his suite from the top, however Chow departures, bouncing from the gallery and parachuting down to the strip.

Stu makes up for lost time to Chow and secures him the storage compartment of the limo that Marshall had loaned to them.

They take the gold and meet with Marshall, who discharges Doug once again to the gathering. In spite of the fact that Marshall at first guaranteed to not hurt Chow, he shoots through the storage compartment of the auto, probably executing him.

In any case, Alan had given Chow the intends to remove himself from the storage compartment through a secondary lounge compartment simply minutes prior.

Chow rises up out of the limo and murders Marshall, permitting the Wolfpack to live on the grounds that Alan had spared his life.

He offers Alan a bar of gold as a blessing, yet Alan turns him down and closes their kinship because of Chow’s unfortunate impact on the gathering.

As Chow unfortunately watches them leave, they go to recover Phil’s minivan from the second hand store and Alan makes a date with Cassie.

After six months, the two wed. Vowing to start assuming liability for his activities, Alan remorsefully leaves from the Wolfpack, yet would even now like for the group to hang out every so often.

As the four stroll to the service, a montage of cuts from the past movies play, subsequently finishing the film.

In a mid-credits scene after the wedding, Alan, Cassie, Stu, and Phil seem to host organized an alternate wild gathering that they can’t recollect.

Stu rises up out of the washroom wearing underwear with bosom inserts and Alan recalls that the wedding cake was a blessing from Chow; who rises up out of the following room stripped, giggling and wielding a katana. Precious stone then hops on Stu as the scene slices to dark.