A boyfriend of an Indian Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut appears to be completely stoned, drugged or under some kind of a spell for weeks now.

Parents of this man, Adhyayan Suman are bewildered by the behaviour of their son, who just keeps staring at the ceiling aimlessly.

They brought in priests who revealed that their boy is deep under a spell of somebody else and only the person who hypnotized him can release him.

Yesterday (May 4th 2016) Kangana Ranaut, Adhyayan Suman’s girl friend told India Today TV, that she is an experienced practitioner of black magic and witch craft, adding that she won’t hesitate to use on it on anyone who destroys her life.

Kangana Ranaut went on to add…”Even in this modern era, when we have to project our frustrations on a woman, the first thing we call her is daayan,chudail or whore or psychopath. The mentality is the same. If I can’t get you, I might just destroy you.”

The bollywood mistress minced no words for her liking of witch-craft, even referring to the Harry Potter movie, how big it was, the impact of witch-craft shown in the movie on her personal life.

Guess..she was all ears when the spells were read out in the Harry Potter movie and used it on her boy friend.

Poor bloke, Adhyayan Suman..all he can do now is to seek the forgiveness of his cherubic girl friend Kangana Ranaut, hoping she would take the spell away.