5 year comparison of paid music subscriptions in amazon music unlimited and pandora premium

When it comes to music streaming, there are many brands that you may want to choose from.

From Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music and much, you can find the one site that suits you best.

Because of all these services, many people are asking what it the best music streaming services.

In this article, we are going to compare and see the difference between two music streaming services, Amazon Unlimited Music and Pandora.

Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Pandora

When it comes to comparing between Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora, many people keep asking which one is the best music streaming services.

Compared to Pandora, Amazon Music Unlimited offer users more music option compared to Pandora.

Amazon Music Unlimited already had a music streaming service Amazon Prime that catered for a Prime customer.

But they can now access Amazon Music Unlimited for a monthly fee of 8 per month or a round figure of $$ per year.If you are non-Prime customers, you are required to pay $$ per month.

Pandora too offers its users a selection for free but they are limited to the number of times you can skip songs.

If you want to skip as many songs as possible, you need to upgrade to Pandora Premium that gives it’s users exactly what they want from Pandora.

For Pandora Premium, users need to pay a $10-month fee to access millions of songs. They can also choose songs by skipping the songs they don’t want to listen to.

Difference between Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora Premium

Amazon Music Unlimited is accessible through a web player in your browser, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Music app that can be downloaded on Androids and iOS devices as well as personal computers and Mac.

You can also access Amazon Music Unlimited on the Fire TV and Amazon’s Fire Tablet through an app.

If you have Roku media streamer or Sonos multi-room system, you can also play music using them.

According to Amazon, there are also a few selected BMW and Mini cars that are amazon-enabled and provide access to Amazon Music Unlimited through it’s infotainment system when connected to a smartphone.

Pandora is accessible in places such as the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.Pandora can also be accessible on iPhones and iPads using an audio App, Roku, TV, tablets, and other devices.

More than 50% of people listen to Pandora on other devices other than their PC. You can be connected to Pandora in your car.

From Toyota to BMW/Mini, and Hyundai and Ford by using in-car apps.

However, you need to check with your local dealer to see if your car has access to Pandora.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora, Which One Has More Music?

The Pandora music database holds only a million plus music while Amazon Unlimited offer tens of millions of music to it’s users.

Amazon says it has over 40 million songs in it’s playlist with a release for “today’s most popular artists.” Obviously, Amazon has more music compared to Pandora.

There are a few quirks that make other people get used to certain music streaming services than others.

In the case of Pandora, Pandora Premium doesn’t offer pre-generated playlist, you have to choose songs and create your own playlist.

Pandora music streaming services rely heavily on it’s radio station, but you upgrade to premium, it comes without any restrictions.

Amazon Music Unlimited comes with no restrictions whatsoever. It has the most benefits than Pandora.

Benefits of Pandora Music Premium

Common Features In Both Amazon Music Unlimited and Pandora

Radio and Playlist

Both Pandora and Amazon Music Unlimited offer personalized radio stations based on songs you like and artists you love.

Amazon Music Unlimited has the unique ability that can be used by users. Using Alexa, Amazon Assistant, you can ask it to play the music of a certain artist, genre or even according to your mood.

Pandora also has good mood-based songs that you can create a playlist for yourself.

For Pandora, it’s main strength lies in its ability to help users discover new songs and artists but not a playlist.

Pandora also doesn’t have the Alexa meaning you have to create your own playlist if you need one.


Both Pandora and Amazon Music Unlimited offer offline playback.

You can only download music from Pandora if you have subscribed to their premium services while Amazon offers it as standard.

No of paid music subscribers in amazon music unlimited and pandora

Paid Subscribers

A comparison of paid music subscribers for the last 5 years show Amazon Music (Amazon Prime Music plus Music Unlimited) gained 600 times more subscribers than Pandora in 2019.

And 300 times, more subscribers between 2016 and 2018.

Even though Pandora was the No. 1 ranked streaming company in the US between 2000 and 2014, a lot changed in 2015, when Spotify introduced highly attractive user friendly app, literally whisking away Pandora’s decade old loyal listeners.

Inspite of having a huge repertoire of songs (around 30 million songs), Pandora was never a match to Amazon’s Prime Music, which did not even offer online music streaming, even worse, one has to pay a substantial amount just to download a song.

Back in 2015, Amazon Prime Music had a little over 2 million songs, where paying and downloading songs in the only option.

But still it had 9 million paying listeners when compared to Pandora’s 1 million.

The reason being Amazon’s blockbuster subscription package, Amazon Prime, which was (still is) growing at an incredible rate in the US.

Amazon was able to convert all it’s Prime members into paying subscribers and when Amazon Music Unlimited was launched in October 2016, it was the perfect launching pad Jeff Bezos was looking for.

And finally in 2019, Amazon Music has 32 million paid subscribers, a 70% growth compared to 2018.

While Pandora has 6 million paid subscribers, same numbers as in 2018.

Ominous signs for Pandora, as their very existence will be threatened by the streaming giants in the years to come.

Which one is the best?

Soon after comparing we are back to our first question, which one is the best? Depending on your test and needs, Amazon Music Unlimited is definitely worth considering.

It offers you tens of millions of tracks Alexa assistant and can be played on more devices than Pandora.

For those who love to discover new music, Pandora is great for you.