difference between Amazon Pay and Samsung Pay

Amazon and Samsung Pay are some of the best online payments services available online.

These companies offer similar services,but they are different in so many things.

Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in the US while Samsung is known for it’s mobile phones evolution with different mobile phones offering various features on each device.

Samsung is one of the most trusted mobile phones companies in the world and it also manufactures other electronic devices like TVs, laptops, etc.

Amazon Pay was launched in 2017 where it entered the market in the US, France and Germany around the same time while Samsung Pay was released two years ago in 2015.

Apart from this, let’s look at other significant differences between the two services:


When it comes to mobile money payments, security is the most important thing.

The technology used to secure the service has to be sure not to allow any loopholes.

Samsung pay has security measures based on ARM TrustZone and Samsung Knox technologies.

Your credit card information is stored in a well-secured token.

To enhance security, Samsung Pay doesn’t store credit card numbers or account numbers on the device.

Every time a purchase is made, the handset sends two pieces of data to the payment terminal.

The first one is a cryptogram generated by the phone’s encryption key and the second one is a 16 digit token that stands for the credit or debit card number.

No payment can be made from the phone without authorization via fingerprint or the user PIN.

Amazon Pay, on the other hand, doesn’t have fingerprint authentication,but your account is protected by a unique password you create when opening the account.

When you sign in to your account, you sign in using a secure server connection.

Amazon uses Transport Security Layer which is the industry standard in secure server protection.

For added security, Amazon recommends that you add another level of security by setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) a two-step verification security process.

difference between amazon pay and samsung pay


Amazon pay is widely used in the United States where a majority of people use Amazon.

This has led to the online retailer being the largest one online with other services.

Amazon Pay has limited users as compared to Samsung because it is confined to one language (English) and it’s services are limited to the US, UK, India and a few selected countries in Europe.

Amazon Pay is dominating in countries that are growing and are embracing e-commerce services slowly by slowly.

This means that the market share for Amazon Pay is set to increase exponentially and it has a higher chance of growing more rapidly and dominating more significant market share.

Samsung, on the other hand, is available in most parts of the world.

It was first launched in South Korea in 2015 August and was later launched in the United States a few weeks later.

Availability of Samsung Pay in most parts of the world is what keeps it at the forefront with users.

It is also open on most of the Samsung mobile phones and some of the older models too if they have a software upgrade done.


This is one of the key difference between Amazon Pay and Samsung Pay.

Currently, Amazon Pay is available on so many devices and mobile phones from Android phones, iPhones, Mac, Web-based, Linux and Windows-based devices.

This means you can use Amazon Pay on all these devices no matter where you are in this world.

Samsung Pay, on the other hand, is only available on Samsung devices and not all of them.

Newer models of Samsung Mobile can easily support Samsung Pay,but some older models will require a software upgrade to support Samsung Pay.

Other versions of the same are not compatible with Samsung Pay making it’s availability scarce since you must have a Samsung mobile phone to use the services.

One fantastic feature that Samsung is boasting over the rest of it’s competitors is that its Pay service can work with almost any card terminal in the whole world.

All this is thanks to the smart inbuilt technology.

This clever bit works in such a way that when you approach a terminal that has no contactless technology.

But still have a magnetic stripe reader, the Samsung phone will be able to know this and it emits the correct signal to mimic a swipe.

This turns any terminal you come across into a contactless payment system even if it is not.

It is impossible to pay twice for your goods with Samsung Pay and with this you have to perform a few extra swipes when making a payment.

It is a fail-safe inbuilt in the payment service which is complemented by the phone’s inability to fire when an NFC terminal is near.