Youtube to mp3 convesion is piracy

Converting music from YouTube to mp3 is something that many people engage in on a daily basis.

Last year, went to court because of converting YouTube to mp3, but does this mean that the process is illegal.

Over the years there have been some important issues that have been raised by different parties concerning the YouTube to mp3 converter.

Here is why the conversion process is illegal and how you can stay safe from being sued by YouTube.

YouTube Is Free To All

Using YouTube for streaming and downloading purposes is legal to use for anyone.

By streaming music on YouTube, you do not commit any piracy or violate YouTube Copyright.

The services mean, it is safe to use YouTube to stream music.

However, what if you decide to convert YouTube music into videos to make other types of videos or for viewing later?

The question is the most confusing question for many users.

It is the reason why people ask if converting YouTube to mp3 is illegal. Well, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

youtube to mp3 conversion legal or illegal

Is It Illegal To Convert Copyrighted Music To Mp3?

Although it is legal to watch and use YouTube, it is illegal to convert any video from YouTube to mp3.

But you can stream from a legitimate site that is permitted to offer the services under copyright law.

You are allowed to stream videos from YouTube to mp3, if it doesn’t involve creating another video or sharing on youtube

US copyright law states that it’s illegal to use a copyrighted work to create a personal video.

That said, YouTube has never sued anyone for downloading videos from YouTube to mp3,mp4, wav or any other format, creating other new videos using the downloaded video.

Youtube to mp3 conversion is totally illegal

Is It Legal To Convert Non-Copyrighted Videos From YouTube?

Some people have sued YouTube over the issue of using non-copyrighted videos to make other videos or converting the to mp3.

For example, in Germany, copyright owners sued YouTube for this and YouTube lost the case, but they were allowed to continue operating.

The same as the one used during the VHS tape recorder when making duplicate applies in this case.

Not all non-copyrighted videos can be downloaded and used for sharing and reusing needs.

Even non-copyright video have royalties, but you can download videos that are copyright free or royalty free and convert it to mp3.

Youtube to mp3 is illegal

Why Does YouTube To Mp3 Converter or Exist?

Since Youtube to mp3 and were launched, none has been convicted of any crime.

Before the cases in court are heard about, the site is completely legal.

Currently, music industry argues about’s legality. is knowingly enabling violation of copyright works.

YouTube also benefits from the conversion as they serve ads to the videos.

free youtube video to mp3 conversion online

Why Is It Legal To Stream Music From YouTube?

YouTube enjoys protection from various laws in Europe, including a US-based law known as the DMCA.

Under the DMCA law, YouTube has the authority to remove the unauthorized video if the owner issues an alert.

YouTube is not responsible for anything until they receive a warning and respond to the warning.

Music industry hates the law as it gives YouTube more power and protection, but Google insists it balances the needs of everyone involved.

Considering a Service’s Terms of Use

All services on YouTube have a rule and depending on the services you want, you must agree to the rules.

But, how many read the copyright page or the long-winded documents?

I guess not many, however, if you read YouTube rules you’ll find a rule about streaming but not downloading in section 5 of YouTube’s Terms Of Service.

Does YouTube Sue People for Converting Videos?

YouTube says converting videos to mp3 or even downloading a violation of copyrights, but it is yet to sue anyone regarding the matter.

That’s right.. not a single person or a business entity has been sued by YouTube, since it’s inception in 2004 for illegally downloading videos from YouTube.

Several years ago, YouTube and Google threatened to shut down YouTube to mp3 converter and because they argued that the sites violate the term of services or the TOS.

But the operator of failed to comply and the services are still on.

Interestingly, YouTube decided not to prosecute or YouTube to mp3.

Although Google wanted to remove and the converter from it’s search engine, the sites still top Google search result and still runs on Google-powered ads.

Is There Any Alternative?

YouTube has come up with an alternative to try and tackle the YouTube to mp3 issue.

They have come up with a service called YouTube Music Key, through which you can download and stream videos.

It is a subscription tier that allows users to download videos for offline viewing.

The services have other benefits including unlimited access to Google Play Music.

Although using YouTube to mp3 converter is illegal, it is still used by many people as a way of downloading and streaming music as no one has ever been sued because of using the services.