After evading Swedish Academy for more than 5 months, Bob Dylan seems to have reached an agreement with the Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, to receive the award in Stockholm,Sweden when he performs at 2 concerts in the city.

It really has been an embarrsing 5 months for the Swedish Academy, ever since it announced Bob Dylan as the winner of the Nobel Literature Award for the year 2016.Dylan never responded to the Swedish Academy’s announcement, for a brief period there was a written acknowledgement on Dylan’s official website regarding the Nobel prize but after sometime even that disappeared.

Mid October 2016 things went from bad to worse, when all forms of communication between the Nobel Academy and Bob Dylan came to a grinding halt, as Swedish Academy issued a public statement that Bob Dylan’s office is not entertaining their calls.

Dylan never turned up for the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, held at the Stockholm Concert Hall in Sweden on the 10th of December 2016.

The issue has been dormant since December 2016 until yesterday when Sara Danius, the permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy wrote in her blog post that,Dylan will not be delivering a lecture while receiving the Nobel Prize certificate.

But as per the rules laid out by the Swedish Academy, the award winner must deliver a lecture or atleast send a recorded/taped lecture to become eligible for million dollar prize money, that Swedish Academy hands over to each winner.

Is there another twist to this story? or has it come to a ‘perfect ending’, let us keep our fingers crossed.