There are various rewards programs you can sign up to that will allow you to get free Amazon, and iTunes vouchers.

Most require active or passive participation to earn the points that you will then be able to redeem for the free blessing voucher.

Other than online marketing sites, there are different approaches to get vouchers as well.


1, Use services, for example, Twitter and Facebook to follow companies that you shop at.

Occasionally, these companies might hold contests where a certain number of individuals that “Like” or retweet something get a complimentary voucher.

2, Twitter and Facebook are brimming with professional deal hunters.

These individuals and organizations track down deals and broadcast them to their followers. These deals can in some cases take the form of free vouchers.

3, Search Twitter and Facebook for “bargains”, “deals”, “deal hunters”, “free vouchers”, and so forth.

There may be deal hunters that represent considerable authority in your city, and also hunters that track particular services, for example, Amazon.


Make a Gather account. This program permits individuals to win vouchers by composing articles about subjects of their choice, uploading pictures or recordings, and by commenting on other part articles.

Subjects for articles, pictures, and recordings are chosen completely by the author. There are various groups that individuals might join to talk about subjects with individuals who have similar interest.

The more individuals that read your articles, the more points you will procure. Compose quality articles to help you stand out and attract readers to your work.

Once the assigned number of points has been earned, you can redeem their points with the free vouchers from various organizations, including Amazon.

Gather likewise offers an immediate payment to PayPal, from which individuals can then buy items from iTunes or eBay.

IOS and Android APPS

There are many Android and iOS apps that offer free iTunes and Amazon Gift cards and vouchers for simple online tasks completed.

But not all gift cards. from these apps will ever work, only those apps that are recognized and authentic, have Gift cards that can be redeemed on the iTunes and Amazon website.

To get reliable iTunes Gift cards, there are only 2 iOS apps that can be trusted, they are QuickThoughts and PocketFlip.

There are countless Android and iOS apps, that offer free Amazon Gift cards,even offers free Amazon Gift Cards for high value purchases, as well as during the annual Black Friday sale.


Red Cross: Red Cross will occasionally promote blood drives by giving free iTunes/amazon vouchers. Contact your nearby Red Cross and see whether a drive close you are going on soon.

Test Drive an Auto: Dealerships will once in a while run promotions that give vouchers when you take an auto out for a test drive.

Contact dealerships in your area and see whether they are doing any test drive promotions.Carry yourself like you need to purchase.

You are significantly more prone to be allowed to test drive if you act like you’re interested with purchasing an auto. Don’t mention the voucher in advance.