As such, the twisting issue could have something to do with the way the metal screws inside the iphone 6 Plus close to the volume catches are secured inside the telephone.

iPhone enthusiasts arrived at these conclusions in the wake of looking at pictures from ifixit’s teardown of the iphone 6 Plus, the feature posted by Unbox Therapy, and their voyage through Apple’s office where it stretch tests its iphones.

It’s vital to note that this is just a hypothesis, and is not the slightest bit a conclusive explanation behind why the iphone 6 Plus could conceivably have a bowing issue.

The point started to pick up footing recently when Macrumors reported that a few commentators in its discussions posted photographs of the iphone 6 Plus curving in the wake of being put away in their pockets.

This provoked Unbox Therapy and a modest bunch of other Youtube channels to stretch test the iphone 6 Plus for themselves – finding that Apple’s phablet does to be sure curve reasonably effectively.

This isn’t to imply that you ought to modest far from purchasing an iphone 6 Plus in the event that you were at that point considering purchasing one.

When its all said and done, just nine individuals of the a great many Apple fans that preordered the telephone have formally whined, by organization.

According to these “Bendgate” features, it appears like you have to put a nice measure of exertion into twisting the iphone 6 Plus to do any genuine harm.