Apple’s most recent iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus have been making waves subsequent to it’s September discharge raking in 10 million unit deals in the U.s. in the dispatch weekend itself.

In any case, the energy encompassing the sleeker and enhanced cell phones appear to be brief as shoppers have been grumbling that the gadget gets curved when put in the back pocket.

As “Bendgate” keeps on bothering Apple, adversaries have left no stone unturned to deride the organization.

As of late, Samsung brought burrows at Apple with its new advert, which demonstrates that the strong Galaxy Note 4 does not twist. LG France excessively brought agrees at Apple with a Bendgate joke.

“Our cell phones don’t twist, they are regularly bended 😉 #bendgate (interpreted),” tweeted LG France.

Presently Apple also can say farewell to its Bendgate stresses as Youtube client Peripateticpandas has formulated an imaginative approach to settle the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus’ curving issues.

So consider the possibility that the system is short of what pragmatic.

The 3 moment 49 second excercise from Peripateticpandas takes the mickey out of Apple as it demonstrates an arduous and not really pragmatic system for settling the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus.

The entertaining feature demonstrates how a drill-press is conveyed to settle the niggling issue stressing clients.

The arrangement? The iphone 6 Plus screwed on to a section of wood to prevent it from getting de-formed!

This is not the first run through Peripateticpandas have had a field day on account of Apple.

They likewise discharged a feature that demonstrated to one generally accepted methods to settle the jutting cam lens on the iphone 6.

Apple’s Bendgate issues have inspired some entertaining responses from individuals.

As of late, we reported that two adolescents went to an Apple store and figured out how to twist the iphone 6 Plus and made a feature of themselves doing it.

Apple, then again, keeps on denying that Bendgate issues are broad and cases it is a “to a great degree uncommon” event. Be that as it may.

If your iphone 6 Plus or iphone 6 is experiencing Bendgate then you can get it supplanted complimentary (gave it clears the Visual Mechanical Inspection) at an Apple Store.