Your google adsense account has been banned

Google Adsense is an excellent tool for monetizing websites and blogs. It is used by most of the websites which want to make some money.

Being one of the best tools for monetizing a website or a blog doesn’t, however, mean they joke around with affiliates.

Before your Google Adsense account is approved, there are strict guidelines you have to adhere to and your site too.

Google Adsense has robust policies,and if you violate any of them, your account is blocked or disabled.

You will not be able to make any cash from the account,and you will also not be able to access your earning if the account is closed.

Google monitors all the sites with Adsense and acts on those that violate their policies.

This means all the earnings and the effort put in earning would be wasted if you don’t know how to recover the account.

Getting an Adsense account approved is not easy,and it might even take months to get it approved and this is why it is so painful when the account is closed.

If your account was closed and you are trying to figure out if you can get it restored here are some of the steps you can follow to try and get the account reinstated:-

Know The Reason Why The Account Was Closed

Before you even start blaming Google for your account closure make sure you have the right reason why the account was closed.

There is no way you can know how to fix a problem unless you know where it started.

It is impossible to solve a problem you don’t know.

Even if they send you an email telling you why the account was disabled, make sure you send an email to them so they can send you a detailed explanation why the account was closed.

Remove The Violation On The Site

One of the reasons that might have led to your Adsense banishment might be because of the violated content on a page you placed.

In the email explaining why the account was closed, Google verifies and specifies one or more violations explaining your account ban.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the rest of the content is good only that the specific ones were cited.Read the email they send you carefully and make sure you understand.

Check your site for violated content and remove it if you want your account reactivated.

Report If You Were Hacked

Google can take action on your site even if you have no violated content.

This might be because your account was hacked or compromised in one way or the other and harmful code injected into it.

The harmful code might be harmful to the visitor and it is against the policies and thus it is identified as a violation.

If you are not sure or aware, go to webmaster tools and check for any malware on your site.

If you have harmful code or malware, report it to Google and they will take care of it.

Read Google Adsense Policy Terms and Conditions

Carefully go through these terms making sure you understand each one and find if they are the reason behind your account ban.

If the reason is for violating the policies, rectify the mistake before you think of asking for a reconsideration from Google.

If you don’t, they are going to re-evaluate the site and this time around it will be closed for good.

Your google adsense account has been restored

Remove Ad Code On Spam and Social Networking Sites

Placing Ad code on social networking sites and spam is violated. If you have any of these placed, remove them as soon as you can.

Some Adsense accounts might have more than one authorized owners.

Make sure you ask if they have placed any Ad code on spam or social networking sites and if they are found remove them.

Remove other authorized users from your Adsense account using webmaster tools at least until the account is reactivated.

Remember Google will have to audit your site again once you send an appeal to get the account reinstated.

Open A New Adsense Account

This should only come as a last option and you have to be cautious before doing it.

When opening the new account after you have waited for the other one to be reactivated with no success, open another account and change as much information as possible.

Change as much as you can especially the name, address and bank account to make sure they cannot trace the account back to you.

Mostly, it is not easy to get an account reinstated and this can take a toll on the client,but this doesn’t mean it is the end of the world for you.

There are other alternatives to Google Adsense and opening a new account with the other Ad Networks should be your next step.