google play music premium subscription free

In select territories, Google Play Music allows it users upload, store, and play their favorite tracks available all over the world.

You not only enjoy listening to music online but offline as well and many more features it has to make the experience epic.

Music lovers are going crazy over the idea of the app for free. They want to be able to access tracks, albums, videos, and playlists without worrying about monthly charges and share their favorites with their fellow users.

Over the years, promotional offers have been granted to the public while members enjoy exclusive offers keep users interested in using the offer.

The greatest advantage Google Play Music has over the other streaming services including the fact that Google is very popular globally.

Even as we speak, the company seeks to reach territories it hasn’t been able to access.

No forgetting the fact that it’s trusted all over the world to deliver.

You can see why Google Play Music will not disappoint you, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have challenges here and there.

Even though Google is mostly free, Google Play Music is not but that doesn’t mean you cannot access it for free.

Here is how…

6 months subscription of google play music free

Free-Month Subscription

For new subscribers, the free three-month subscription has come with another four-month subscription on Google Play Music.

On top of the free trial, new subscribers get an extra limited time to familiarize themselves with it’s features and make a good decision.

If you are out there looking to discover a whole new world of music, take advantage of this offer because there is no telling how long it will last.

You get to store up to 50,000 tracks of your own in the cloud which saves space on your device without any charges.

Included in this free package is a free subscription to YouTube Red where you access YouTube’s original series.

Besides, YouTube is known for it’s high-quality videos and with Google Play Music; the videos are ad-free.

Also, the app comes with free access to the ad-supported radio at any time.

Take advantage of the four months free access while the offer still lasts.

It will give you a chance to listen to your favorites, create playlists and share them with the world.

All you need is an account with Google, and you are good to go.

free google play music premium subscription

The Free Version

This is one of the tires Google Play Music offers to users and though it lacks key features premium subscribers enjoys.

The free ad-supported allows users access stations for playing music which means you have no control over the music playing and between the tracks you will hear adverts.

You are limited to six skips per hour, no rewind, or fast forwarding, but you can pause the track currently playing and resume later.

To see which song plays next is not possible but you qualify for a bonus whatsoever.

To skip the adverts and access the best features from Google Play Music, all users are required to pay a monthly charge of $9.99,but that should not stop you from enjoying what the free version offers.

In the previous months, there was a 90-day trial aside from the usual 30-day, and users enjoyed accessing the apps best features at the time without any charges.

Over the time, Google will continue to extend free offers to users to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

My advice is to stay updated and remember that Google knows that people like free access; therefore, they are bound to sweeten your experience as time passes.

3 months of google play music premium free

Other Methods

Google has been in the market for a lot longer than other music streaming services, and that has exposed it to hacking for long. In the dark web, hundreds of accounts are available for less than a dollar.

Don’t muse over the idea yet because once a report is sent to Google about suspicious bills, the account will be stopped immediately.

However, risk takers are always there and if you are one of them, be smart and cautious who you let in your credit account.

You might end up regretting and crashing your system in the process.

Another method is opening a new account after another, but you need a degree in name generation or use the numerous name/credit generating websites to come up with fake details.

How to hack Google Play Music premium?

Again, this is not ideal but if it works for you, have fun with the alphabets.

Otherwise, keep yourself updated with Google Play Music promo codes, vouchers, and coupons for a chance to win free access.

Trust Google to connect you to the latest tracks with high-quality sound, but everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

Give this player a chance with it’s free version and offers before going to your alternative.