how to increase 3g mobile data speed?

Technology is incredible and it is here to stay no matter what you want.

As it evolves, different internet speeds are available for various users and the faster the internet, the more demand there is for the same.

The fastest internet speeds available on the market today are 4G and LTE.

However, the availability of these internet speeds without fail is dependent on the area you live in.

Most of the rural or less developed areas today don’t have these high-speed internet connections and they have to rely on 3G.

It is not slow but it’s also not as fast as the others or as it might be needed.

This is one reason why most people want to know how they can increase 3G mobile data speed.

how to increase mobile 3g data speed?

If 3G is the only internet option that you have and it is not up to the job, there are few things you can do to make it faster or to make you experience better speeds on 3G.

Remember you are not transforming your device to become a speed demon especially if it is outdated,but there are a few tweaks that can help make your Andriod phone data connection speed up.

We are looking to make browsing on your mobile phone a little less painful and less time wasting.

how to uninstall unused apps?

Uninstall Unused Apps on Your Mobile

For Android users with a lot of storage and unlimited internet connection, it is common to install every app you think you might need.

This means at the end of the day; your phone will be full of apps most of which you don’t use,or some of them have the same use only that you wanted to try multiple ones before settling on your choice.

Track all the unused apps on your device and uninstall or delete them completely.

Some of these apps make your data connection slow because they use background data even when they are not running or being used.

Some Android phones have the option to uninstall the app when you tap and hold but most of them you will have to go to settings>apps then select the app you want and uninstall.

how to clear cache in internet explorer?

Clear Your Cache

Sometimes a slow 3G connection might be caused by your device rather than your network connection.

Most of the modern smartphones have apps that are optimized for 4G internet connection.

This leads to some unexpected resource management problems,but they are easy to solve if you are aware of what’s going on.

Newer or upgraded versions of Android are designed to manage your system’s memory in a much better way but still having a bloated cache will slow your device down.

This happens especially if you have an older version of Android and you have upgraded the apps to the latest ones.

The apps stuff the cache memory on the phone making internet browsing slow down.

And the best way to resolve this is by dumping the cache which gives you a good internet speed boost.

Get Rid of Images on Your Browser

Sometimes when browsing, you don’t need images,or you are surfing just for the text.

If you don’t need the images, enable text mode on your browser.

This will increase your internet connection because images need more and faster data to load as compared to text which can load even on a 2G network without stress.

Be guaranteed to experience an internet speed boost after you disable images on your browser because they tend to constitute a lot of internet traffic.

firefox, chrome and opera best browsers

Get a Better Web Browser

There are numerous web browsers on the market today and most of these are available for free.

If you have more than three web browsers on your phone, settle on one and uninstall the rest.

However, make sure you decide on the browser that is fast on browsing and uses less data for that matter.

The web browser that has memory saving features is best.

top apps to increase mobile data speed

Use Android Apps to Increase the Internet Speed and to Help Clear Bloated Cache

There are applications on Play Store that are specifically designed to enhance the internet speeds on your phone.

You can quickly know if the app is useful by just reading the user reviews before downloading the app.

If most people think the app is useful, then it is worth giving it a try.

There are also apps that are used to clear the cache memory of the phone and to monitor the apps that are using a lot of internet and memory so they can be cleared.

Find a useful cleaning and boosting app to keep your phone optimized all the time or anytime you experience slow internet speeds.

The internet today can be demanding especially if you are the kind of person to stream music and videos from the internet.

This is one reason why you should optimize your phone to get better internet speeds.