‘Insolent’ Bod Dylan Infuriates Nobel Authorities

For some people money is everything while for others like Bob Dylan, a cheque for 8 million Swedish kronor is nothing but a piece of paper.

Sara Danius,a Swedish associate of Nobel Prize academy that shortlists and selects Nobel Prize winners, had recently confessed that she was fed up trying to get in touch with Bob Dylan… to make him acknowledge, winning the Nobel Prize Literature award for 2016.

Not only did Bob Dylan’s website delete the message “winner of the Nobel Prize in literature.”, but even his agent who was very friendly, responding to the Swedish Academy emails has started ignoring Sara’s emails and calls.

A visibly stunned, shaken and embarrassed Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize has just hinted that it might choose some other person as the Nobel Prize Literature award winner for 2016,to salvage from self-respect… if Bob Dylan continues to give them a slip.

The Jewish singer-songwriter whose real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman from Malibu, California, is not only a recluse but a well known playboy of the 60s, divorced thrice while having numerous affairs with scores of women…denying, hiding and even rejecting child support to his own kids in the 70s and 80s.

He even hid a marriage and his own daughter for 15 long years without a trace.The American press not only labelled Dylan a womanizer, but a ‘rude and arrogant’ celebrity as his skirmishes with reporters often made the headlines of American prime time television.