It’s not everyday that you hear some one getting pregnant at 50 years old, especially when the female fertility cycle begins to decline significantly after the age of 35.

And if someone does get pregnant, success rates are between 0 to 1 percent even at the most advanced fertility centres that they go on to become a mom at 50.When Janet Jackson became a mother to the little baby boy Eissa Al Mana on January 3rd 2017, it was truly a medical miracle.

This “Nasty Girls” singer who energized the 80s generation with her scintillating dance moves and positive vibes, had just instilled a ray of hope in millions of childless women across the globe,by becoming a mother at 50.

The little baby boy Eissa Al Mana, who carries the surname of the Qatari billionaire Wissam Al married to Janet Jackson in the summer of 2012.It is said that Janet’s (and Michael Jackson’s) mom Katherine Jackson was the one who motivated Janet to get pregnant at 49, asking the singer not to worry much about the world’s point of view on her late pregnancy.

Katherine who would be becoming a grand mother for the record 28th time, was instrumental in guiding, supporting and caring for Janet through out her pregnancy which started around April 2016.