Last week of July 2017 has been a very bad one for the pop icon, Justin Bieber.As the week started China banned Bieber from not only performing in the country but even setting foot in Chinese soil is forbidden for Justin.

He then recollected calling Indonesia as some random country (in a not so polite manner), where he was scheduled to perform for a Concert in Jakarta in August 2017.

After the Chinese ban and the boorish comments on Indonesia, Justin decided to cancel the remainder of the Purpose world tour to start his own church.

Earlier in May 2017, Justin perfomed in Mumbai,India..where tickets were sold as high as $1300 per ticket, but many fans felt betrayed and cheated after they found out,that Justin Bieber was simply lip-syncing his popular numbers.

As soon as he cancelled the Purpose world tour, Bieber issued a statement that he cannot be held responsible for the actions of his support staff including the touring party.

Just when Justin had taken a huge weight off his shoulders, by disowning his staff members..on Wednesday evening July 26th, 2017 he crashed his Truck on a photographer at the exit gate of the Saban Theatre (Justin Bieber’s other Church) in Los Angeles, as he was driving away from the Church.

Fortunately for the photographer and for Bieber, the 57 year old photographer did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

Justin assisted the Afro-American photographer and stayed with him for more than 10 minutes, till the Paramedics and the Beverly Hills Police Department officials arrived.

While waiting for the Paramedics to arrive, Justin looked very annoyed as others photographers kept on taking pictures of Justin and the injured paparazzi, with huge flash lights.

An irritated Justin finally asked the others photographers, if they taken enough pictures and videos of the injured paparazzi and Justin.

Finally when the cops arrived,Bieber explained the scenario that led to the crash..the cops looked convinced with Bieber’s explanation and did not press any charges against him.

Off late, Justin Bieber has been actively involved with Sydney-based Hillsong Church, which is owned by one of the most respected preachers of this generation, Carl Lentz, on whose advice he cancelled the remaining part (15 shows)
of the Purpose world tour.