Born on 21st March 1991 in Ontario, Canada to a very ordinary working class single mother, Justin Beiber was not born with a silver spoon, unlike portrayed in many of his songs.

Nor his mother Patricia Mallette working as a waitress and other low paying office jobs was able to afford Justin and his two siblings a comfortable life.

But it did not stop Justin from being groomed by the local church because of his gifted voice. Nor did it stop Scooter Braun, an agent and a band manager from discovering Justin Beiber on YouTube.

amazon itunes music storeNor was he aware of the fact that uploading every one of his theatrical and private performance on Youtube would change his life forever.

This Ontario kid was discovered by Scooter Braun whose Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) was on the hunt for signing up unexplored new talent to their media group.

And so was Justin Bieber introduced to his Jewish manager Scooter Braun by his recultant mom around Christmas of 2007.Yes, Justin Bieber’s mom never wanted him to be mentored by anyone from any other religion apart from Christianity fearing that he may go astray.

Neverthless Braun introduced Justin to a young Usher who owned a part of Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) and so they started working on Justin’s debut album “EP, My World”.

But his first single “One Time” would be released by Justin Bieber during spring of 2008 to Canadian and International radio without the consent of his record label.

This song would top the charts all over the globe including USA, Canada, U.K and Australia where it be certified platinum and gold respectively.

royalty free music downloadsJustin Bieber went from strength to strength since the release of his first album “EP, My World”,to promote the album he was hosting MTV VMA 2009, was a host in Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as Good Morning America and more.

It was around this time he came across a very special girl in his life, Selena Gomez.The rumour that Justin Beiber is dating Selena Gomez further increased his popularity to such an extent that he became The most Googled person on earth for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2013.

With his soaring popularity and world tours, Justin Bieber soon became the herat throb of many teenage girls.Not since Michael Jackson did a male celebrity had such an intense fan following like Justin Beiber did.

Clever enough to understand his soaring popularity, Justin released his second album late 2011 titled “Christmas-themed Under the Mistletoe” which would become The Christmas song of that year topping the charts all over the globe and debuting at No.1 in Billboard hot 100 for albums.

Cashing in on the success of his second album, Justin will soon start working on his third album “Believe” released during mid 2012, “Boyfriend” a top track from “Believe” would top the charts around the globe where Justin explores a new genre of music R&B and not his usual sugar coated teen pop.

free mp3 downloadsThe track was certified platinum in every single continent around the globe except Africa and was at the No 2 position in Billboard Hot 100 USA but could not reach the No.1 spot since it had a exclusivity deal with iTunes, means it cannot be released outside the iTunes music store, no amazon nor spotify.

Very soon the focus will shift from Justin’s musical career to his tumltous lifestyle.Unlike Usher or Justin Timberlake who had professionals to teach them handle pressure, success and stardom since their childhood, Justin Beiber had none when he entered the arena as a 11 year old kid.

He was too young to handle the stardom.Many female fans also called as Bliebers would throw themselves on stage whenever Justin was performing, with constant nagging from the press and the paparazzi, Justin would soon loose his cool.

Many videos have surfaced on YouTube since 2010 which show Justin punching, abusing paparazzi and even some of his fans trying to get a selfie.Justin Beiber was arrested on January 2014 for driving and drag racing in the streets of Miami under the influence of alchol and drugs.

More than 500.000 Americans have signed an online petition to deport Justin back to Canada and in April 2015 Argentinian goverment issued an arrest warrant against Justin Beiber for assaulting one of it’s photographers.

Also many a times in 2013 and 14′ Justin Beiber has been summoned by the law enforcement agencies in the state of California for throwing eggs at his posh neighbours, insulting as as well as humiliating them which has cost him more than $100,000 in law suits and settlements.

And the love of his life Selena Gomez was beginning to loose her confidence in Justin as he was linked to a new female celebrity every other day.And soon Justin will be depressed to know that Selena Gomez is doing the same to him and they will be parting ways during the spring of 2014.

Justin Bieber the world knows would disappear for two long years into complete darkness.It all started with his multi platinum song “Baby” from his album “EP, My World” which to date holds the record for the most number of dislikes ever for a VEVO video on YouTube.

royalty free music downloadsThe fact that majority of these dislikes came from jealous men who envy Justin’s blonde hair and playboy looks is not known to many.But no one can be held responsible for Justin’s reprehensible acts between 2010 and 2014.

After almost a two year gap Bieber finally made a live performance for the audience at the MTV VMA held on August 31st 2015 with his first billboard No.1 single “What Do You Mean?”

This track has silenced most of his fierce critics simply because it is only the 23rd track in the history of Billboard rankings to debut at the No.1 spot by selling 337,000 copies in it’s first week of release.