David Bowie, known by many as a master inventor of music died of Cancer on January 10th 2016.Bowie’s official Facebook page was the first media to release this information which was later confirmed by his son Duncan Jones in his Twitter account.

David Bowie was called the Master Re-inventor of Music because he changed his personality ever other day, an attribute only a very few in the music industry,have ever done.

He found success in almost all genre of music that he released and played more than 20 musical instruments with ease.Many of his critics called Bowie a musical chameleon as he was able to adopt himself to different genre of music without much of a hassle, starting from 60s rock n roll, to 70s disco and 80s pop and electronic
music, David Bowie has seen them all.

Although he reached the pinnacle of his musical career in the mid 80s especially with his electro pop number “Let’s Dance” that topped the musical charts around the world for months after it’s release in 1983.

Bowie was a shrewd businessman and was at ease with the technologial changes of the late 90s, also had his own ISP (Internet Service Provider) company called the BowieNet in the UK during late 90s.

He was the very first musican to issue bonds for his songs, called “Bowie Bonds”, Bowie Bonds started in 1997 with a stock value of $55 million was underwritten by Pullman’s firm.Bowie was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a year before in 1996.

His last number “Lazarus” from his last album Black-Star was a very unique material as it had some strange lines “Look up here, I’m in heaven. I’ve got scars that can’t be seen. I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen. Everybody knows me now. Look up here, man, I’m in danger…”

Which many fans allude, is a reference to his struggle with cancer.Bowie has also prepared a number of material to be released after his Death and is survived by his spouses Angie Bowie, Iman.Daughter from Iman, Alexandria Zahra Jones and son from Angie Bowie, Duncan Jones aka Zowie.