Michael Jackson

Not many musicians or actors in the past 5 decades have enjoyed a demi-god status like Michael Jackson did and still even after his death.

From Brazil to New Zealand or the inner most parts of Africa, Michael Jackson is the most recognized personality ever to live on this planet.

itunes music storeDuring the 1980s and early 90s most individuals who lived on this planet have spoken the word “Michael Jackson” atleast once in their life time.He is also known as the “King of Pop” a Tttle that may not be taken away from him, ever.

Born in a very ordinary Indiana based afro-american family on August 29th 1958, Michael Jackson the 8th child of the Jackson’s took up to stage at the tender age of 9 to support his huge family.

Michael and his brothers formed a band called the “Jackson 5” and were performing all over the States during early and mid 1970s.The band drew inspiration from the then superstars Bob Marley and the Wailers.

1979 was the year that marked the beginning of the Michael Jackson era when he released his first solo album “off the wall” which had hits like “Rock With You” , “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

But not many knew then that his second album “Thriller” would make him immortal and will make every other musician that ever lived on this planet before and after him look like a speck in the skies.

Such was the success of his album “Thriller” released in December 1982, it became the best selling album of all time, breaking both sales and guiness records all over the world.

Michael has to be credited for introducing zombies to the main screen media, where zombies would later have a cult following of their own with movies like Resident Evil which would be released three decades later.

The Title track “Thriller” was named one of the scariest videos of the 1980’s along with the movies Evil Dead and The Exorcist.

But it was Michael’s killer dance moves with the zombies that made “Thriller” a hit for eternity. The album also had many other hit songs including “Billie Jean” “Beat it” “Wanna Be Startin” and many more.

The music video for “Thriller” was way ahead of its time and made Michael Jackson a visionary along with his producer Quincy Jones.

This album shattered the race barrier in a white dominated America of the 1980’s where Black singers can never be featured in any main stream media including popular magazines, music radios as well as the just formed music television channels.

But Michael Jackon who was denied air time in any form of media just because he was black after the release of “off the wall” was later sought out by many music networks including magazines, radios as well television channels who almost projected him as if he was a white guy and never mentioned he was black.

“Billie Jean” is the song that speaks the heart of Michael Jackson and took over from the success of title track Thriller.The album was so popular that it sold 4 million copies a month throught the year 1983 in USA alone.

Michael Jackson became immortal during 1984 and 85′ when Michael Jackson Thriller dolls were sold all over USA and his songs became a necessity rather than a commodity in ever American house hold.

After enjoying a much needed break and media basking, Michael released his third album “Bad” in 1987 which was a instant hit and had many popular numbers including “Bad” “Smooth Criminal” “Liberian girl” etc.

It was during this time that allegations of child sex abuse surfaced against Michael Jackson which took a heavy toll on Michael’s popularity as well as his personality which made him undergo numerous plastic surgeries.

With constant nagging from the Paparazzi spreading canards against Michael, he released a song “leave me alone” from his album “Bad” in 1988, just to let the world know how Paparazzi abuse him physically and mentally.

Various allegations levelled against Michael jackon as a child molestor, a loner or a pet seeker did not stop Michael Jackson
from attaining phenomenal success with the release of his fourth album “Dangerous” in 1991.

“Black or White” the most popular single from “Dangerous” had a video which was way ahead of it’s time, with some technologists and directors confessing how hard it is to create a similar video today almost 3 decades after it’s release.

After going through tough court battles paying hefty fines and settlement fees for various child sex charges pressed against him, Michael came back with a bang when his new album “HIStory” was released in 1995.

The album was an average hit according to his standards with numbers like “earth song” “scream” “they don’t care about us” and many more.

It was during this time that Michael started to date Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley and showed the world that he is not some kind of a freak, the American press wants him to be.

During his later days Michael started touring the world extensively and went to many places were main stream artists never ventured including Russia and South africa, where he expressed shock and dismay for the apartheid against the black community.

But during his last days it was the illuminati that Michael Jackson feared the most, whom he said would kill him.And so did they when he was given a over does of propofol by his physician on June 25, 2009.

R.I.P Michael Jackson.