Different ways to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program

Most people use Amazon to buy goods,but they don’t know how they can make money using the same platform instead of just spending.

The only way you can use Amazon to earn is by joining their affiliate program.

Some bloggers have blogs and website with a lot of traffic,but they don’t know it is a goldmine sitting idly.

If you want to make money with Amazon Affiliates program, it is not as hard and it is equally not so easy.

You just have to be dedicated and committed to the program and you will start earning.

Here are a few things you can do to help you make money from Amazon Affiliate program:

Amazon Affiliate Program money making strategy

Build Traffic To Your Blog or Website

If you don’t have a blog, get a well-designed blog and get started from here.

You will not earn if you don’t have a blog or a website.

Having a blog is the first step and now the next one is building traffic to your blog.

Having a blog is not enough, there must be people who are visiting your blog such that when you embed links on the blog.

You have an assurance that at least someone will click on it and get redirected to Amazon and buy something from them.

After these visitors purchase something with a link from your blog, you earn a commission from that sale.

The more visitors you have,the more chances you have to get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not so different from other money making ways that come from blogging.

The more people who see your blog or your affiliate promotions, the more chances you have of them converting.

This, however, doesn’t mean if you don’t have a lot of traffic you won’t make money,or it is not worth it.

You might not earn a lot,but you will definitely learn a lot and earn a bit which is better than nothing.

how to win trust and loyalty of the readers

Build Trust and Loyalty With Your Readers

The only way your readers are going to come back to your blog is if they can trust the content you give them and if you are loyal to them.

There are blogs you can visit once and never go back because the content they have is not reliable or you can’t trust the information contained on the blog.

It is not enough to have readers but having frequent readers is necessary if you want to make money with Amazon Affiliates program.

Search visitors are not going to sign up for the affiliate programs on your blog.

They are there once to get what they want and they could have clicked another link.

But yours was the first,or it was the best but the likelihood of them coming back or signing up to the affiliate programs on your blog.

The readers who connect on a daily basis with you are much more likely to trust you such that when you make a recommendation or do a review.

They will take that seriously as compared to a person who landed on your page from the search engine.

how to create relevant content for your readers

Relevancy in Content Matters

Having a blog doesn’t mean you can post just anything and hope the affiliate promotions you have will sell.

The content has to be appealing to the readers and relevant at the same time.

Do your research and know the intention of the reader before you post any content on the site.

After that, post content that will be appealing to the reader and close to what you think the reader might want.

Let the content leave the reader in a buying mood not bored.Your blog content should also be relevant to the promotions you are running on the site.

If you have a travel blog,for example, it is not wise to promote perfume, instead try luggage, travel books, travel bags and other travel products.

Your blog might talk about spirituality a lot,but you are there trying to promote iPods and technology stuff.

It simply won’t work and you are likely to get very few sales if any.

If Amazon doesn’t have a product that matches your topic, try getting as close as possible by promoting products related to the topic.

What is Amazon Bounty Program

Have Multiple Links Per Post

This mostly applies to people who have long blog posts. You might think that by having multiple links you are going to annoy the reader but sometimes it is most effective.

Before the reader gets to the bottom of the post, your affiliate link might no longer be visible.

Start with a link at the top and bottom of the blog and see if there will be any changes in conversion.

If you are posting a product review, use two links per review post and the second link should have a stronger call to action.

This one is for the readers who are interested in the product if they read the whole review.

Making money from Amazon Affiliates program is not hard you just have to be persistent and learn a little day by day about the program.

And most of all, follow all their rules and terms of service to avoid having your account terminated.