Streaming services with best parental controls in online music stores.

In today’s world, everything is moving on air including music streaming services.

Music streaming has come a long way since it’s invention in Napster days, but it is still a challenge for parents to find music streaming services suitable for kids.

However, that seems to be changing over time.

With big players such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Unlimited and Apple competing for listeners, music streaming is becoming even better.

Here are five best music streaming services with the parental control choices and kids-safe channels.

Apple Music

Apple Music offers more than 40 million songs, the ability to hand-select your playlist and listen to your playlist offline.

Apple Music streaming services also offer 24/7 radio station plus the ability to engage with different artists through Connect.

Apple Music has the best Parental control as parents can restrict access to podcasts, music, and videos with explicit content in their preferences.

Parents have the ability to filter explicit lyrics and block them completely from their kids.

What’s in Apple Music for Kids?

Apple Music has the “For Me” discovery exercise that allows parents to go through it and once you have completed the exercise, they get experts recommended on curated playlists, artists, albums and genres based on what you prefer.

Kids can post their favorite songs or playlist on social media, email or messages and connect to iTunes library. They can also download music for offline listening.

Parental Controls - Best Online Music Stores

Google Play Music all Access

Google Play Music is the one stop music streaming shop for music shopping and music storage.

Users can upload more than 50,000 songs from their libraries at any given time.

While Google Play Music has parental control, you can only block explicit songs on the radio feature but not on the on-demand streaming.

What’s in Google Play Music All for Access for children?

While Google Play Music All access music discovery is not as strong compared to competitors, Google Play Music has a large section devoted to children’s music.

You can play your selection or opt out of the radio services when the kids are around.

You can also keep track of what the kids are listening to by blocking or filtering explicit lyrics from the radio feature.


Pandora has no family to speak negatively about its music streaming services. With tons of feature, million songs, artist sections and dedicated kids channel.

Pandora is the best choice for parents who love music but want to block explicit contents from the kids.

A pioneer in web-based music, Pandora gives parent ultimate personalization and in to feed its subscribers with the music they love.

Parental control can be on the entire account, not just a specific station.

What’s in Pandora for kids?

While Pandora has a small, but unique music selection, it has great features for families.

You just need to pick an already created station or create your station and the music runs for hours.

The family genre on Pandora has stations such as family musicals, children’s indie, and PG comedy.

You can set your profile to public or private.


Rhapsody has a parental control advantage that best music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited do have.

Rhapsody gives access to over 10 million songs and has impressive navigation feature that works effortlessly.

They have a month trial period, but you are required to pay upfront before you finish creating your account.

Overall Rhapsody offers good services, competitive rates starting from 10 dollars a month.

It focuses on providing users with a personalized music experience.

What’s in Rhapsody for kids?

Rhapsody has a child section called Rhapsody Kids available to it’s subscribers.

While Rhapsody Kids can be more of a new feature than a product, it is easier for parents to find a decent selection of tracks for kids.

There are Disney, SpongeBob Squarepants, Casper Babypants, Kids Bop Kids and much more.

The Rhapsody Kids itself offers 80,000 albums, 16, 000 artists and over a million songs.

The music streaming service is going after parent by launching Kids’ section aimed at kids alone.


Overall, though people love Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify because of their wide selection of songs and other features.

They are not the best music streaming services if you are looking to protect your child from explicit lyrics.

You do not want to pay fees for services that you have no control over.

If you would like to stream music from Android phone.

You should probably go with Google play all access, but all the other three options offer great services with complete parental controls.

Music streaming is now becoming even more family-friendly because they have added parental controls that help parent control what their children are viewing.

Many services now offer kid-safe channels including education channels and controls to block explicit lyrics and limit social sharing.