Claim a refund from Amazon Music Unlimited Services?

Whenever some thing is offered for the very first time, human beings crave to experience it, at the earliest.

Be it the just launched theme park ride, a movie premiere, the newly opened diner, a music video, a smart phone, a brand new automobile, a tech gadget or an app… it’s human nature.

While some are content with what they purchased, a select few regret their decision, reminding themselves not to make such mistakes in future.

With more than 90 million songs, Amazon Music Unlimited (#ad) is one such service that has satisfied the majority of it’s customers but like every other app, there are a few disgruntled subscribers.

If you are one those rare listeners not impressed with Music Unlimited’s premium features, you can always cancel your subscription before the 30 day free trial ends and switch back to the basic version.

The entire process is automated and you won’t be charged a penny.

But what if you forgot to cancel your subscription and got billed on the 31st day, will you get a refund then?

You may or may not get a refund, it all depends on your ability to express your predicament to Amazon’s customer support representative through a call back or a web chat.

Then comes the accidental purchases, common among the smart phone users, but a routine for parents with kids.

Accidental purchases can happen for a variety of reasons, curious kids meddling with your phone, a careless partner and ‘unintentional taps’.

You are very much prone to be a victim of random or unintentional taps, if you are nibbling with a streaming app or a shopping portal far too often.

Sooner or later you will be forgetting to lock your phone manually, after attending a call, while the streaming or shopping app is still open.

As you slide your mobile inside your pant pocket or your hand bag, the unlocked smart phone gets tapped at random places, the more physically active you are, higher the frequency of these random taps.

Sometimes these unintentional taps embarrass us by calling a random number from our contacts, far worse the emergency number.

If you are really unlucky, it can make a ‘one-tap purchase’ on a shopping app or can activate, change, cancel a premium subscription in your streaming platform such as Amazon Music or Spotify.

While child lock apps are extremely effective in preventing accidental purchases, ‘unintentional taps’ can only be stopped if you manually lock your phone, before you slide it inside your pockets or keep it in your bag.

Let us take a look at different approaches in getting a refund from Amazon, specifically it’s Music Unlimited service..

• Open your account and feed in your Login details.

• Scroll to locate Manage your content and devices to display Purchase history.

• Find the item you want to return so you may be given a refund.

• Click on Actions next to the title of that item and select Return for refund.

• Once you submit, wait for approval.

Most of the purchases from Amazon App store and the Digital Music Store are non-refundable after purchase unless you are having a problem downloading, playing or streaming, where you are required to contact Kindle Support for a solution.

How to get a Refund from Amazon Music Unlimited?

For Amazon Video Store (#ad), you can cancel a purchase within 24 hours of buying the item and ensure that you haven’t downloaded or attempted to stream.

The cancellation of Amazon video orders must be made within 14 days of purchases you have downloaded or streamed. Once you have played, the purchase is final.

Here is how to cancel an accidental Amazon video order,

• On your page, go to your Digital orders.

• Look for the order you accidentally asked for and click on it.

• Scroll to select Cancel items.

• From the drop down menu, select the Reason for cancellation and if it’s not there, go for the one closely related to your issue.

• Click Cancel this purchase. Wait for the request to go through.

• Your refund will be processed as soon as the cancellation is complete and refunded via the same payment method used for the order.

Accidental purchases have been recorded over time, and parental controls are advised to save you the trouble.

Online, you can learn how to set Amazon Video parental controls or do it from your account by accessing your Amazon Video Settings and Devices.

Bear in mind that every refund is based on the condition of the item, how the order was purchased, and to what extent the item has been at your disposal.

Though refunds are issued through the same payment method you used to order, you can still pick your preferred refund method.

Processing time extends from 3 to 5 days of business, and you have to return the item within 30 days. An alternative is to contact Amazon for assistance.

Let’s talk about a scenario where your account has been hacked.

how to get a refund from amazon music unlimited

Despite Amazon Music Unlimited (#ad) being newer to the business, it has become prone to hacking.

It’s very possible to find an account for less than a pound in the dark web.

Surprisingly, you might be a victim, and the only solution is to contact Amazon immediately.

If the case unravels and credit cards are involved, that’s fraud with an offense on it, report to the police.

If Amazon approves your requests, refunds are made after your account is stopped.

However, if you still want to continue purchasing with Amazon, your account will be renewed and change your password.

Amazon Music Unlimited has several cool features to offer its members, but that doesn’t mean users don’t get disappointed now and then.

But the company does their level best to make peace with their customers.

Purchases go wrong all the time, and it’s your responsibility to let the company know when you have any difficulties.

Usually, companies have policies in place for refunds and Amazon is no exception.

However, if you are making any transaction online, it’s critical to read the terms and conditions before agreeing on anything.

You might regret an already completed order, but their policies have a non-refundable rule.

All in all, take precautions with your devices; touch screen tends to have a mind of their own when left in the hands of kids.

A screen cover will protect it while in your pocket unlocked or use parental controls when you give your kids your phone to play with.