The most beautiful female singer of the 90s, one of the most popular Canadian singers ever! Ballad queen Shania Twain released her first single in almost 15 years.

Titled “Life’s About to Get Good”, the song is filled with positive vibes and deals with various issues, the Diva had to go through the last decade and a half.

Shania Twain who had sold more than 85 million records till date, had her life changed upside down..ever since her last album Up! was released in 2002.

That’s when her Produced husband Robert “Mutt” Lange, cheated on her by sleeping with Shania’s best friend, she lost her voice to dysphonia, a very disease that totally changes a person’s ‘tone of voice’ and her confidence dissipated so fast..she said she’ll never sing again..bidding adieu to her musical carrer forever.

The Canadian singer reached the pinnacle of success in 1997, when her album Come On Over, sold more than 40 million copies across the globe..which till date is most numbers sold ever by a Canadian singer, any female artist since the 1920s and biggest ever by any Country-music artist.

The singer did overcome dysphonia, released a single in 2011, “Today Is Your Day” on June 12th, 2011, an iTunes exclusive release.Later, in December 2012, Shania also signed a two year contract with Las Vegas based Caesars Palace, which she successfully completed in 2014.