How to boost your mobile internet speed

Increasing your mobile data speed results to increase in your internet speeds.

You will not only have a better phone connection,but you will also have faster internet speeds.

Android phones dominate the smartphones world and while some of them might have fast internet speeds, others are slow while at times you might be at a place where you need to boost your mobile data speed.

Here are some of the best apps that will help you:

Internet Booster & Optimizer

1. Internet Booster

This app clears the DNS cache, changes Android files settings and speeds up file downloading and at the same time gives you better video pre-buffering.

The app also reduces your CPU and memory usage and allocates new video memory for your graphics device (GPU).

Network Speed Booster

2. Network Speed Booster

The app works by renewing the network connection to cell sites, therefore, giving you improved signal reception and internet speed.

It also improves your Wi-Fi signal, maximizes your mobile phone’s broadband radio power and gives you better call quality. Just tap the booster button and allow the app to give youfresh network and increased data speeds.

Network Signal Speed Booster

3. Network Signal Speed Booster

This app will make your internet browsing and file downloading faster than ever.

If you think your internet speed needs a boost, just install the app and launch it on your Android device.

The app is a one-click action app and it analyzes the 3G and Wi-Fi connection and accelerates it. The app has been tested and it improves your, mobile data speed by up to 17%.

network booster free
4. Network Booster Free

This app boosts your mobile internet speed by renewing your phone’s connection to cellular sites or towers giving your phone better network signal reception.

The app is very effective in what it does and some users mentioned the app cangive your phone signal even in areas where there are extremely poor or no network signals at all.

APUS Booster - Increased mobile data speed
5. APUS Booster

With more than 1 million downloads, APUS Booster improves your mobile’s 3G Data Speed by optimizing your mobile for multiple factors, including..cooling your mobiles CPU, deleting junk files, memory cache, ad files and cache junk.

As well as boosting your mobile’s battery performance by shutting down unwanted apps, that quietly run in the background..zapping your mobile’s battery.

With more than 770,000 5 star reviews and a Google Playstore rating of 4.6, APUS Booster is not just another app on the Playstore.

Network Signal Info - internet speed boosting app
6. Network Signal Info

Network signal info comes in handy if you are worried about the strength of your network signal.

The app won’t make your signal stronger,but it works by analyzing the network signal and gives you the strongest of them all.

The default signal bars on your phone can sometimes be misleading,so the app gives you a more detailed look by showing the signal strength via 14 signal bars.

This way, it is easier to know which network is stronger and connects to it.

open signal maps - internet speed boosting app

7. Open Signal Maps

Sometimes you might find yourself walking in the house to find the best spot with a strong network signal.

You don’t have to do this when you have the Open Signal Maps. The app literally shows you the best place to get a strong signal for your device.

The app shows you the direction through an arrow and a map. The app also has a radar showing the cellular towers on the map.

faster internet 2x - internet speed boosting app
8. Faster Internet 2x

Faster Internet 2x will improve your mobile’s internet speed as well as the phone’s speed.

It is like a two in one app that flushes out the critical CPU resources on your device which reduces the drain on your phone system’s speed and improves it’s performance significantly.

This app uses special scripts to convert your 2g and 3g mobile data speed into 4g speeds.It works like a charm in both rooted and non rooted mobiles.However, this app is optimized for rooted mobiles.

internet speed master - boosts internet speed

9. Internet Speed Master

This app modifies a system file to improve the network connection in TCP/IPconfig when you install the app on your device.

This is a known Linux tweak,so it is safe to use. However, it is wise to do a backup of your files before trying this.

All ROMS are supported,but some ROMS already have this file so it might not be necessary to patch the System.

speedify interne speed booster

10. Speedify

The app gives you surprising results. It boosts your broadband and gives you faster internet speeds free of charge. Some of its key features include improving your Wi-Fi and signal reception and improving your internet speed.

Browsing using your Android smartphone is now easier and faster. These apps will make your browsing experience fast and stress-free.

Speedify has a unique feature called ‘channel bonding’ which combines both the mobile data and the wi-fi connection, to divide your internet traffic into small packets.

Which is transmitted via both mobile data and the wi-fi connection…to give you the best ‘optimized speed’ for downloading,uploading data as well as for streaming music and songs.

The best part of Speedify is, it is also a VPN which does not store IP addresses and can safely bypass servers and firewalls, to let you watch IP restricted videos,shows, websites and apps.