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Janet Jackson hails from the most prominent and most popular musical family in the world, The Jacksons family.

They are well known for their incredible singing talents and mostly for their performances.

The King of Pop himself Michael Jackson is one of the best of the family and probably the one that made the family so famous.

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Janet Jackson (#ad) is Michael’s sister who like her brother also has an incredible voice and the two have worked together.

To her fans, she is a secretive woman who likes doing things behind the scenes and before people know it, things are far gone.

Her life, however, doesn’t miss in the spotlight since she is an artist with incredible talent and she’s also from a well-known family.

Her life is low key and most of the world miss out on some of the things going on in her life.

Here are some of the hidden secrets of Janet Jackson:

El Debarge and Janet Jackson have a secret daughter hidden from public view.

1. She has a Secret Daughter

True to her secret life indeed. Janet eloped with James DeBarge as her parents never approved of the marriage.

The marriage became shaky after a few years and the two parted ways.

However, James claims that the two had a child when they were together and the child was raised as her niece by Rebbie Jackson.

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2. Piercings

According to BoomBox, she has more piercings than people can see.

She can allegedly hang jewellery from her belly button, her septum and her lady bits too.

Of course, this is a secret; she doesn’t go showing off her lady bits at all.

Childhood pics of Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson

3. Dunk

Her big brother Michael loved her sister so much.

Despite working together, Michael gave her sister a nickname “Dunk” .

This not so cool nickname apparently reminded Michael of a donkey. Not sure what an ass she had to get that one!

Janet Jackson fell in love with Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana

4. Secret Marriage

When Janet says low key, she really means it.

She was married secretly to a Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana.

When the public came to know of it, they expected a wedding ceremony to be announced only to find out later that they had already wedded.

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5. She is a Jehovah Witness

Her mother was introduced to Jehovah witness by a friend when Michael Jackson was 15 years old.

She raised all her children according to Jehovah Witnesses (#ad) faith. They even had to preach door to door sometimes.

Janet Jackson was scared to work with Michael Jackson

6. She Hesitated to Work with Her Brother Michael Jackson

A lot of convincing had to be done before she could agree to work with Michael.

At that time, Michael was so famous and she thought working with him would push her in a corner.

She said she didn’t want to run on anyone’s coat tails and she had to make a name for herself first.

Janet Jackson's nipple piercing.

7. Her Boob Failed Her Once

Despite having incredibly looking boobs, she once had a Wardrobe Malfunction while performing.

She was performing at the Super Bowl and one of her duds came out and it was pierced.

Janet Jackson topless

Fans were outraged while others loved it, but it cost her the chance to portray Lerna Horne the great in a biopic.

Janet Jackson through the decades

8. The Super Bowl Incident Led to an Invention

So many people were looking for the video online and couldn’t find it.

This is the time one of these people made a website that had to store videos where people could come and watch later, and at this time YouTube was born.

Janet and Michael Jackson had a secret step sister

9. She had a Secret Sister

This includes all the Jackson siblings as well.

They had a sister Joh Vonnie whose relationship with the father and her family was controversial.

She is the only one who called their father “Daddy” as compared to Joe the name the other siblings used and this was seen as special treatment by the other half-siblings.

They didn’t like her.

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10. Singing wasn’t Her First Passion

Janet Jackson is a born singer with fantastic talent but singing wasn’t her first passion.

Her acting career is so much better even than her music career.

Nutty Professor starring Janet Jackson and Eddie Murphy was a blockbuster in 2000

11. Her Acting Career Made More

Sometimes back, she starred a role in Nutty professor alongside Eddie Murphy.

The role earned her a whopping 3 million US dollars. She had never made so much from any of her songs at once back then.

Janet Jackson blocked her parents from seeing her daughter Elissa

12. Grandparents not Allowed to See Elissa

Janet Jackson and Qatari billionaire Al Mana were divorced, and things took another turn when she gave birth.

When she had the baby, the grandparents were allegedly blocked from seeing the baby.

Considering they were old, this was unfair to them. A source said that Al Mana said the grandparents were bad for the baby.

Janet Jackson in traditional islamic dress.

13. Converted to Islam

She secretly converted to Islamic religion, and her parents were angry about it.

They blamed Al Mana for brainwashing her.

She celebrated the birth of her son with a bloody animal sacrifice, and she was photographed wearing a traditional female Islamic clothing, otherwise called as a burqa.